Yael Dragwyla (polaris93) wrote,
Yael Dragwyla

Want to know what an Obama presidency would be like?

First, under cover of that administration, they'll take down the Blogosphere, to prevent "subversive activities and instruments that foster dissent." The World Wide Web as a whole will follow soon after. The nationalization of all American IT companies will come next, and the heads of IT corporations will be taken out and shot and replaced with political officers and government supervisors.

Are you an environmentalist or animal-rights activist? Since people like you "stand in the way of progress and intefere with valuable infrastructure," you'd be taken out and shot, too, and all your property confiscated. Everyone's pets would be rounded up and sent to North Korea "to serve the people of our ally, the glorious People's Republic of Korea." Our military would be forced to withdraw from South Korea, which would then be quickly overrun by North Korea and made part of NK, with predictable subsequent chaos and carnage. Global warming would be ignored by our government, questions about it fielded with carefully worded disinformation, and allowed to run its course, sending the world back to the end of the Permian. After all, spending anything on the problem would just take away from the wealth squirreled away in the coffers of the ruling elite, and would threaten their power.

All Republicans, including Congressmen and Senators, former Presidents and Vice-Presidents and their families, all religionists, all capitalists, including small business owners as well as corporate heads, and anyone else even suspected of "revanchist and other subersive tendencies" would be taken out and shot. All their subordinates would be herded into "re-education" camps, and kept there until they had "a change of heart."

Feminist groups would either become "Women's Auxiliary Corps" of the new regime, or be forcibly disbanded, their members herded into re-education camps, and their leaders shot. Anyone promoting liberty, justice, or a return to "the old America" would likewise be shot, probably after a long period of extreme torture.

Schools would become nothing but political indoctrination centers. Religious leaders would be spared if and only if they "converted" to the party line and preached it in their churches, synagogues, and mosques.

All property would be owned by the state; private property would cease to exist.

Those on welfare, SSI, and similar programs would be taken out and shot for the "crime" of being "a burden on the state and the people."

All writers whose works did not toe the party line would be put into re-education camps -- after all, if they embraced the party, they could become useful propagandists -- and those for whom the re-education didn't take would be shot.

And so it would go. Once the factories of the almighty State were going 24/7, producing substandard goods "for the people" as well as to sell to other nations, all environmental safeguards gone, our battered planet would sicken unto death from all the pollution, leading to the final, global mass extinction of all complex life on Earth.

Well, maybe the Earth deserves to die, for turning out a species as stupid as ours. That would take care of the problem once and for all, wouldn't it? And after that, the universe wouldn't be threatened by any of Earth's organisms ever again.

If you don't like that scenario, don't vote for Obama on November 4, 2008!

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