Yael Dragwyla (polaris93) wrote,
Yael Dragwyla

Food allergies

Some things have changed radically since I was a child. One such change has to do with food allergies. Back when I was a kid (I was born in 1945), I could eat damned near anything without problems. I'd *heard* about food allergies, usually a reaction to strawberries, which could cause a rash, but other than that people then didn't seem to have such allergies. (Oh, when we had tetanus shots, they asked us if we were allergic to eggs. Nope.) Now, and over the last couple of decades, again and again you come across news of some child dying, or nearly dying, of exposure to peanuts; problems with gluten; and a host of others. What's HAPPENED to the last couple of generations? Toxic GMO products? Food additives? Anyone out there know of anything that seems to be linked to all these food allergies, which are a growing problem?
Tags: health hazards, health issues

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