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June Ti, No Ordinary Stalking: A Look at Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment

We're all familiar with Internet trolls, psychopathic individuals who delight in harassing and tormenting members of social media. Usually they can be avoided by changing one's ISP, getting off the Internet, closing down one's computer, and so on. But what about organized groups of trolls who penetrate into every part of the victim's life, effortlessly breaking and entering into their physical homes; destroying all their relationships with others, from close friends to employers and superiors; maiming and murdering their pets; and otherwise making their lives hell for months, even years? Once you realize what you are undergoing and those who perpetrate it, complain to others about it and they will come to believe that you are over imaginative, paranoid, even delusion. It is sometimes possible to flee them, but not forever. Their end-goal is the complete destruction of you and your entire life, the demolishment of all your achievements, and the destruction of all you hold dear.

Why would such a group of people spend so much time, effort, and expense doing this? Why do Internet trolls do what they do? For the lulz. For the entertainment. The mystery is that so many psychopathic individuals could work together toward a common goal for so long and at such expense like that -- psychopathic individuals do not, cannot perceive others as persons with lives, minds, and souls of their own, cannot feel empathy for others nor experience guilt, and don'y usually play well with other psychopaths. Apparently, though, this organized staking is so entertaining that it overrides such psychopathic tendencies long enough to meet its goals. Maybe the attrition and replacement rates among them are enough to keep these groups intact long enough to carry out its goals of destroying the innocent for no reason at all.

This is a terrifying book, not least because such ongoing harassment is too subtle and evasive to be taken seriously by authorities, who seem always to conclude that it is all in the victim's mind, a product of mental illness. But just as Internet trolls are real, so are these real-life groups of stalkers. The author can only provide some ideas that individual victims might be able to use to get out from under the stalkers, but usually not permanently. As for how to avoid becoming a target in the first place, I guess that would be to appear to be a psychopath oneself -- these groups, like other predators, don't target those they perceive to be their own or anyone who lacks a conscience, a strong emotional life, or lives among people who might protect them and do something about the stalkers.

Please share this as widely as possible. The more people know about it, the less likely it is to go unnoticed, especially by authorities, and thus the more likely it will be that somehow, someway, we might be able to institute the equivalent of a social "ban" button that can end this as a widespread, pervasive evil for good.

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