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Two dreams

One good, weird dream, the other a nightmare.

The other night I had the cruelest dream. Something was in my mind, telling me how ugly I was, how stupid I was, showing me images of parts of my face and body to back it up. I felt absolutely devastated, but there were people in the dream who didn't seem to notice, and perhaps liked me. Some part of my own mind beating me up again? A psychological cancer?

This morning I dreamed I was in a huge building or group of buildings that were intended to keep everyone in there from leaving. It was either a prison, a state hospital, or both. I was with a group of people in there who intended to get out. We found a door to a road outside, and left. But we were still on the grounds of the building we had been in. So we entered another building and took an elevator to the top, then started checking out the rooms and corridors there. We looked up into the sky and saw huge attack jets hovering over it, perhaps ready to discharge missiles into it and the place we had been. Then one of us, a young man, led to us to eastern side of the building, where he jumped out the window and floated easily to the ground. I followed. On reaching the ground I kept going east. I went eastward from building to building in what was turning out to be a very large city, and finally came to a river running between two buildings and down to the sea. I jumped in the river and ended up in the ocean, free and out of danger.


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