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A new beginning: The Origin Party

The Origin: the point that is neither negative in value, to the left, nor positive in value, to the right. The Zero.

The Origin: Creation.

The Origin: The Founders of the United States of America.

The Origin: The beginning, and a new beginning.

The Origin: Freedom.

The Origin: Out of which can come -- ANYTHING!

+1 + -1 = +2 + -2 = . . . = 0. And the origin can be infinite-dimensional, containing all sets, all structures, EVERYTHING = creation. Out of the vacuum came the universe -- and all universes. Zero is not nothing -- it is the generator of all things.

The Left, the "liberals," and the Democrats have long since turned against America and its freedoms, and the Right, the "conservatives, and the Republicans have been going right down into the slime for some time. We need a new political party, a party of true freedom, one Donald Trump can embrace and be embraced by. A party that also embraces the sciences, the greatest achievement of humanity, something that enables people to contribute to the sum total of knowledge and acquire new knowledge no matter how far apart in time the contributors are to one another, the free and honest quest for truth.

The Origin should also embrace those religions that teach the love of G-d for all life, G-d's creation, and the joy of fully loving G-d, as well as strong moral foundations without which no community, no society, no culture, no nation can endure long.

The Origin: A new beginning for America, and the end of sick partisan politics of the sort that are killing this country and all out freedoms.

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