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I wonder . . .

As we know, Muslims have made the rape and other sexual use of children and raping and beating women by grown men part of their religion. As we also know, a great many wealthy and powerful people in the film industry -- not to mention in American politics -- have indulged themselves in pederasty and the rape of women also part of their culture, as well. How convenient it would be for such Americans if Sharia became the law of the land, if the Islamicization of America became complete.

Is it possible that the reason so many wealthy and powerful people in this country, in politics and in the media, have courted Islam and worked to Islamicize America, is so that they can get away scot-free with their evil uses of women and children?

More: In every culture there are people who are evil. When they are wealthy and powerful, they build a fortress of their wealth and power behind the walls of which they can commit any evil they want to, sight unseen, getting away with it until, somehow, they are uncovered as what they are. The legend of the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah may not have anything to do with any kind of sex -- it may instead have had to do with rumors of cannibalism and far worse among those living in those cities. Travelers coming there on caravans may have disappeared -- and even whole caravans with them. Former denizens of those cities might have told people elsewhere, in hushed whispers, of the evils practiced there. Male-male sex wasn't really an issue anywhere in the world then; the tale of their condemnation for it might have been a way of preserving the story of their fall without giving audiences information about the true reasons for their fall. After all, back then and since, siege warfare has been endemic in the Middle East. When you are holding out against those trying to take your city and you run out of food -- you don't really run out of food, because it's walking around on two legs or being carried in mothers' arms all around you. So you really don't want to encourage cannibalism, even just to survive, because it can turn into a habit and continue after winning such a war. And after all, what is the tenderest, most luscious flesh? It's the flesh of the young of the species, especially babies. And G-d help anyone who encouraged casual cannibalism, for exactly that reason. The horror of such a thing continues today, expressed in various films, books, and magazines as fear of the cannibalistic undead. No wonder people were glad when they discovered that a tectonic catastrophe had overtaken Sodom and Gomorrah, perhaps ending a reign of terror that nothing else could have stopped, so wealthy and powerful were the lords of those two cities!

So there's no guarantee that the wealthy and powerful in any culture would refrain from cannibalism and even worse evils. Hiding behind their screens of wealth and power, the might indulge themselves in everything from the creation and viewing of child pornography to the torture-murders of women and children and the eating of their flesh afterwards. Who would know, after all? Regardless of the religion they were supposed to have espoused, it wouldn't matter to such conscienceless, power-hungry, perverted monsters -- after all, they can get away with anything, G-d doesn't exist, and everything is permitted, as long as the peons don't know. That attitude is found everywhere, in every nation and culture in which the rich and powerful exist. Not all the rich and powerful indulge themselves in such evil, or want to. Maybe most of them don't. But I would be willing to bet millions that quite a few of them down through time have wanted to and have done so -- and that there are still lots of them around. Remember the former lady gospel singer who "came out" about the "virtues" of cannibalism and her joyful participation in it at various "Hollywood parties"? I'll bet it goes on from Saudi Arabia and Russia to the United Kingdom and Europe and America, hidden from view by the media, who share in it, and unwitting citizens, who haven't a clue.

That our own politicians and celebrities may have embraced such evil is not unthinkable. That young former gospel singer is evidence that it may well be rampant in our nation. And the way Democrats and RINOs strive to Islamicize our nation, trying to take away our Constitution and replacing it with Sharia law, makes you wonder. It would certainly give them a free field for doing anything they damned please to anyone at all, as long as they were male or, in some cases, female and protected and cherished by male partners in such evil.

I do not say that this is the case, only that it might be. And that we Americans had better be damned careful that it doesn't become a commonplace here.

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