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Frequently people post a response to posts of all kinds, "fake news," without any evidence to back up that claim nor citation of sources that would enable the rest of us to check on the validity of that claim.

People who identify with the Left might do that as a way to try and confuse members of the Facebook membership as to what political reality actually is. If everything is fake news, then nothing is real, and we're all living in vacuum; if we can't tell what is fake news and what isn't, then we can't depend on the veracity of anything, and life becomes more and more chaotic. Just the sort of the thing to make it easier to manipulate and control people.

if you believe something really is fake news, people, then add URLs of articles that back that up as well as the URLs of anything else that would show it's fake. Otherwise you are just claiming it's fake news for the sake of making that claim and annoying the holy living whatever out of people -- i.e., you're a troll, and probably one who is underage and/or has a low IQ -- or you are a dupe or willing tool of the Left.

As for those who don't make such unverifiable claims, please ignore them. All that taking them seriously will just add to the confusion that comes from living on an already deteriorating planet and in an increasingly chaotic civilization.

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