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Nursery & Garden Plants

Plants that began life in a nursery or have been grown in gardens are very aware of the humans around them. After all, it is the humans that tend them, feed them, water them, protect them by putting them in greenhouse, try to keep pests away from them, and otherwise make the plants' lives and reproduction possible. And think of bananas! -- there hasn't been a single banana grown in 10,000 years without the help of humans.

So plants are aware of us. And, like all other living creatures, their bodies have electrons moving through them continuously in their sap and vascular tissue, there is an electromagnetic field around every plant. And that field interacts with all living creatures around them -- including humans, so that at every moment there is a continuous exchange of information between it and all those creatures. And the other creatures -- including us -- bathed in that flow of electromagnetic information from plants, are aware of the plants, too.

As Jane Goodall says in Seeds of Hope: Wisdom and Wonder from the World of Plants, plants send us information about themselves and our relationship with them, and if we sit quietly and make ourselves open to them, we will receive impressions from them that become ideas, thoughts, emotions, and full-blown communication. In return, we do broadcast our feelings, reactions, ideas, and thoughts in all directions, and plants pick them up from us. What plants have to tell us about themselves and the world in general is priceless -- and so is the peace that comes upon us when we make ourselves conscious of and responsive to them. This is as true of wild plants as of "tame ones," too. Take a while to begin a conversation of this sort with trees and other plants, and you will be greatly rewarded.


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