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Hymn of the Garden Plants

For the Gardener brings the rain,
And the Gardener brings the Sun,
And the Gardener brings the food.
All praise the Gardener!

For the Gardener brings the Darkness,
And the Gardener brings the Light,
And the Gardener brings Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom.
All praise the Gardener!

For the Gardener brings the End,
And the Gardener brings the Beginning,
And the Gardener brings life.
All praise the Gardner!

For the Gardener brings the drought,
And the Gardener brings the floor,
And the Gardener brings the Seed.
All praise the Gardener!

For the Gardener brings seedtime,
And the Gardener brings harvest,
And the Gardener makes the world reborn.
All praise the Gardener!

For the Gardener brings Love,
And the Gardener brings Hatred,
And the Gardener brings Reconciliation.
All praise the Gardener!

For we live by the Gardener's Will,
And the Gardener is good.
For the Gardener loves us all.
All praise the Gardener!

(One dark morning several years ago I awoke to this hymn, coming from the plants on my balcony. The sheer joy of that hymn raised by spirits immeasurably high, and made that dark morning bright and alive in spite of the heavy clouds and rain outside. It came to me on a mental plane, a spiritual one, and I have transmitted it here as best I could. They have all since passed on, but the plants on my balcony and in my apartment now occasionally emit the same hymn. – Oh, and by the way, by “Gardener” they mean G-d. I'm just one of countless lower-case-g gardeners that do G-d's work for these wonderful plants. – Yael R. Dragwyla, October 24, 2017)


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