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Get thee to L.A Fitness! :-D

Went over to the gym and worked out for a while. In addition I walked over there rather than taking a bus, maybe a mile in total, maybe more. After the gym, I walked to the bus stop, maybe another half mile, caught the bus, and went home. It was very hot outside, as well. Before that, I ate some Greek G-ds yogurt, honey-vanilla style, but not a lot. Now I'm home, I'm thirsty, but not hungry.

Before today, the last time I went to the gym was last Thursday, a week ago. At the time I had a fall from one of the exercise machines onto a hardwood floor (my own damn fault; as they say, Read The Manual, Stupid), from which I'm still recovering. But as another hoary old saying has it, I knew I needed to get back on my horse and ride, and finally did. For all that week I was seriously depressed, to the point of despair at certain times. I'm over that now. And I'm about to get back to work on my novels, etc.

Moral: Get Thee to the Gym at Least 3 times a week. Probably I'll go on Saturday.

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