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If there are such things as guardian angels, either I've never had one, or the one I have has had it in for me since before I was born. Damn near EVERYTHING has gone wrong for me throughout my life, from my adoption through the non-stop bullying by my adoptive mother and foster parents, the death of my fiance in a car wreck three weeks before we were to have been married, the bullying in college, and so on and on and on until now. Everything good in my life has fallen through, everything bad has been multiplied a thousand-fold, until at last I have no hope, no feeling that I ever have had anything to live for -- except revenge on my so-called guardian angel. Everything and every one I love, with exception of some of my cats, has been taken from me -- my country, my hope of a healing planet, the hope that humanity will get into space permanently and establish earthly life on numerous worlds out there before our living world dies -- EVERYTHING. No, I won't commit suicide. But I am a ceremonial Magickian, and I will spend the rest of my life using Magick to get revenge on my guardian angel.

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