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The strangest experience I've ever had

Yesterday, I had the strangest experience of my life.

All my life I've felt myself to be ugly -- ugly haircut, stupid face, ugly body, you name it, I've never been able to stand the way I look.

Until yesterday.

I was getting ready to meet someone to discuss something relevant to my books, so I did what I could to make myself look as presentable as possible. Only the lightest touch of scent behind my ear. Use of lip-liner and lipstick that didn't make me look like a one-trick prostitute desperately trolling for customers -- it looked rather nice on me, in fact. A use of a soft blue eye-liner on my eyelids. Long, silky black trousers and a white blouse decorated with black designs. Some curl in my hair. Mascara, but not much -- who needs raccoon eyes? I had my glasses off for this, of course. When I checked myself out in the mirror -- I was stunned.

My eyes, as I've been told many times, were a brilliant, bright blue. My mostly-white hair's curls framed my face beautifully. And in spite of frown-scars and other problems, my face looked . . . gorgeous.

I'm not bragging. It was as if Aphrodite Herself had taken charge of me and turned me from an ugly butcher-bird into a beautiful phoenix. I'm not exaggerating. I was beautiful -- something I'd never considered possible for me.

From now on, I won't hate my looks or find myself repulsive. All it takes is a little care and good bones, which I do have. And this at age 72!

This has changed my whole outlook on myself -- after more than seven decades of despising the way I look. I was thrown for a loop -- and I'm still a little bewildered over it.

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