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Club Vesta: A Journey Through the Valley of the Shadow of Love, or, Love-Letters to America is now live on amazon.com! Currently it is being promoted by price reductions and even free downloads. Here is the description of the book:

"Midway in our life's journey, I went astray / from the straight road and woke to find myself / alone in a dark wood . . ."

Eshda Drake and Luciferia Skua, respectively 40 and 30 years old, embark together on a vacation in Washington State only to find themselves going farther and farther from anything that seems familiar as they press on in search of a cabin owned by one of Eshda's friends in the Cascade Mountains. Instead of the mountains, they find themselves in a roasting-hot desert east of the Eastern Slopes of the Cascades, where their car breaks down completely. Courting sunburn and heat-stroke, they leave the car and set out on foot to find shelter and a phone to call for help. As nightfall approaches, they finally find themselves at the Mall at the End of the World. Entering one of the mall's units, Club Vesta, seeking help, they are asked if they want to take part in the Tour of Club Vesta, which, it is revealed, is an erotic playland for women. Almost by accident, they do -- and learn, to their horror, that they cannot turn back and must continue with the Tour all the way to the Exit whether they want to or not. The alternative is to remain forever in Club Vesta, enjoying its carnal delights -- or die there. Desperately wanting to get out and rejoin her husband, Erik Skua, Luciferia insists on pushing on no matter what, and Eshda, who loves Lu', perforce must accompany her friend on a quest to reach the Exit and escape. Which will be worse than difficult; for, as the two women discover, Club Vesta is a seductive, disturbing version of Dante Alighieri's immortal poem L'INFERNO . . .

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