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Why all the B&D/S&M environmentalism?

Why do environmentalists always push the idea of doing the right thing by our living world as an unpleasant penance we all "must" pay if our world -- and we ourselves, as well as our civilization and hope for the future -- are to survive? "We all need to sacrifice!" Oh, do we?

Last night I wrote a letter to Donald Trump that has a higher than average chance of being read by him and also pitches an idea that would save Americans one hell of a lot of money per year, make money for American automakers and oil companies, and, just incidentally, be good for the environment. Why don't the environmentalists push that sort of idea rather than presenting the need to care for the environment as a matter of wearing sackcloth and hair shirts and doing without? LOTS of doing without.

Here's the letter I wrote and put out in the mail:

Dear President Trump:

I am delighted that you are our new President. I hope very much that you will be our President through 2024. Whatever the poles may say, poles can and frequently are slanted to give results those creating and conducting the poll think are good, regardless of whether they are actually true or not. An awful lot of Americans, including me, are happy you were elected our President, and we ignore the polls, as they are mostly the creations of the mainstream media, which have a strong leftward bias and are not honest.

I know that you are very concerned about the American economy, and about the financial hardships that so many of us have endured since Barrack Obama was first elected President in 2008. Well, there is one way that really could help Americans, at least those who drive, and that is electric cars that can be recharged on energy from the Sun. In fact, Germany already makes such cars – very satisfactory ones – and solar energy collectors that can be placed in parking lots and on private property to provide electricity transformed from sunlight for charging the cars. If more Americans had such cars, they would save large amounts of money each year that would otherwise have been spent on gasoline. In turn, petroleum (oil) that would otherwise have been used for internal combustion could be used to make plastics and medicines, as they are today. The oil deposits would last much longer that way, cars running on electricity generated by the Sun would emit minimal pollution, and American consumers would be in far better financial shape than now. And buses, monorails, and other forms of mass transit could also made that would use energy from the Sun to power themselves.

American automakers could be given incentives to make lines of such electric cars along with their lines of cars using internal combustion, and the free market would be the ultimate determinator of which lines of vehicles would be most successful: solar-powered electric cars, gasoline-fueled vehicles using internal combustion engines, or both.

Would you give this idea consideration? It sure would lift a serious financial burden from the average American, and could also stimulate both the American automakers and the oil companies to develop new goods and ways of using resources that could also boost the American economy .considerably.

G-d bless you and keep you and make His face to smile upon you, President Trump.

Always, sincerely,

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