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On name-calling

A word about ad hominem arguments:

Calling someone "ugly" or otherwise denigrating their appearance -- especially when the claim isn't true -- says nothing about the target's character, honor, integrity, or behavior, but it sure speaks volumes about the character of the one calling names.

Example: Frequently I have seen posts on Facebook and other media referring to Barrack Obama as "queer" and Michelle Obama as "an ugly tranny." Often such posts include graphics showing Barrack Obama as effeminate or camping around and/or Michelle Obama as overmuscled as Arnold Schwarzenegger and as unfeminine as a piece of bark.

In point of truth, both the Obamas are comely enough, and what their sexual preferences are their business, not the public's, as long as they don't engage in sexual assault, especially on children, the physically infirm, the mentally ill, or the otherwise vulnerable -- which, as far as I know, neither of them has. The graphics are fake, the mud-slinging is vile, and nit's as pointless as accusing someone of vandalism on the planet Neptune.

It is true that the politics of the Obamas are heinous and that their behavior, especially that having to do with the governance of this country and its relationships with our long-time allies, is often downright evil. But falsely accusing them of having idiosyncratic sexual preferences and posting libelously altered graphics of them has nothing to do with that. So why do that at all?

BTW, I think calling Muslims "MuSLIMES" is one of the most childishly nasty terms used by anyone. I don't like them, either, but calling someone a "Muslime" says a great deal more about the one one doing the name-calling than anything or anyone else.

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Jan. 2nd, 2017 10:37 am (UTC)
I do agree!!!! This is just stupid and frankly, not true and it is ugly and just dumb.

(by the way, I loved the chart interpretation! Have been crazy busy with holidays but I wrote you recently on Yahoo again,check there for details)

Happy New Year!
Feb. 1st, 2017 11:19 pm (UTC)
What gets me is how tacky these potty-mouthed ranters are. Don't they ever realize how negatively impressed their offering are?

Glad you liked the chart interpretation. :-D (Don't know how to check with Yahoo.)
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