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There's a thing most people alive today in this country don't remember: during the presidential administrations of John F Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson, the US economy was thriving -- so much so that we had an economic surplus. That's right: two Democratic administrations brought about enormous prosperity for this country's citizens, and paid off the national debt -- and then some. How? Because of the space program and the race to the Moon.

-- And then, when Richard M. Nixon took office as President, he killed the Mars Program and most of the rest of the space program, and this nation's economy slid into the crapper, thus proving that one of the very best ways to bring about real prosperity in this country is to get humans into space, onto other worlds, and make bases and settlements on large moons and planets such as Mars -- and that killing the space program is one sure way to kill the U.S.'s economy.

Not only did the glory days of the space program create endless well-paying jobs and support countless businesses and corporations producing the materials and hiring people who could in turn support the space program, but also, from the research and development needed to meet the technological needs of the space program, they produced innovative, brand-new and very effective means of treating all sorts of medical conditions. Engineers were inspired to design computers far better than the ones then currently in use, something that helped give rise to today's computers and the information revolution. Materials scientists and technicians envisioned and implemented cutting-edge solutions to problems in industries of all kinds. And Joe F. and Adrienne Consumer were happy to spend their money on the new products and services that were spin-offs of these industries and the space program itself -- money they were earning thanks to the boost in well-paying employment by those industries and the space program itself.

If Richard Nixon hadn't murdered the Mars and Moon programs, our economy would have continued to accelerate, virtually every nations on Earth would be benefiting from the creation of their own space programs, we'd have moved factories out into space that used material available at large throughout the Solar System to create products needed on Earth, and would have built space elevators to bring those products safely down to Earth and ferry passengers between Earth and the Moon. By now, we -- the whole world -- would be embarking on a Golden Age of prosperity, new hope, and the building of bridges to the stars.

Instead . . . well, look at the economy now.

If I were Donald Trump, one of the first things I'd do as President would be to re-initiate the space program as it was back in the 1960s, which would quickly make vast improvements in the economy. Today's Democrats wouldn't -- you can't control people once they've gone off-planet and making lives for themselves out there. So any of you who read this, email whoever your chosen candidate for President is and ask him/her to ratchet up the space program and get us heading for the stars. The one that says and does "Yesss!" to that is the one you should vote for.

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