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The Big Bang and Magick

Two objects, once put into contact with each other, forever after are entangled, so that forever after, if either of them changes state for whatever reason, the other instantaneously does so, as well. Somehow, no matter how great the distance the two objects are separated, each of them seems to somehow know what is happening to the other, and reacts accordingly. This is a basic finding of quantum mechanics, and has been well known since the 1930s. It drove Albert Einstein crazy -- he derogatorily called it "spooky action at a distance." (He also declared, concerning the weird uncertainties of the quantum universe. "God does not throw things where they cannot be found. God does not play dice." To which Neils Bohr replied, "Albert, who are you to tell the good Lord what to do?")

Thus everything is connected to everything else. In effect, the entire universe -- perhaps even the entire multiverse -- is your larger body. And that leads to something startling. We can make parts of our bodies behave in certain ways by willing it, whether conciously or unconsciously. Raise your hand -- you have willed it so. With enough willpower -- enough to power, say, a good-sized star -- you may be able to sculpt a beautiful nebula in ways not permitted by "natural forces," collapse it to make one or more blue-giant stars, or cause a black hole to evaporate. How? Find a friend who can hypnotize you so that you are awake, conscious, and suspending disbelieve. The friend tells you to do one or more such things while you are in your trance, and reassures you that you are able to do that, and that it's perfectly natural. You are not worried about anything, especially social reactions to believing you can do this or even trying to accomplish it.

You may actually pull it off. And you can actually do so for other things. This is Magick, the Art and Science of Causing Change in Conformity With Will. Only minded, ensouled, enspirited (i.e., living creatures can do such things -- and, potentially, any living creature can do Magick, whether in aid of survival and reproduction or just for the hell of it.

Try this, dear reader: sit down in a comfortable chair. Now, imagine that you want certain things very much, Eyes closed, you will the spiritual version to reach into the future, find the thing you want there, and tap it, hard, your mind saying, "This is really in my future. The road to that event/phenomenon/object is the one I will tread from now until I arrive at my goal." Then relax, and just let go of what you have just done, as you would if you were satisfied that it would work. You are already tethered to that and an infinite number of futures because of the Big Bang, and all you need is to reel it in. Rituals are to get into the proper state to do Magick, whether human rituals or otherwise, and they may also be needed to suspend disbelief. Sometimes reading a book of great poetry or playing great music on the CD player can come in handy that way.

Good luck, and very happy futures to all.

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