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Is your food safe? Really safe?

The biotechnology industry has manipulated the government and the mainstream media, turned our food into toxic messes that are prepared with added flavorings and texturing agents to make them look and taste delicious in spite of their underlying toxicity, and put an entire generation of Americans at risk. The independence and integrity of America's food regulatory agencies and news media -- the USDA, the FDA, the SEC, and the FCC -- folded up their tents and stole away at the sight of all the bullshit and bribes from the GMO corporations thrown at Congress and the media.

This book gives you a good basic education on what you need to know about genetically modified organisms -- which Monsanto and other GMO companies won't tell the American public -- if you care about the safety of our food supply, the health of our living homeworld, and what corporations are doing to your food and your health and the health and well-being of all our descendants. From all the outrageous lies those corporations tell and the actual unpunished crimes they have committed to studies conducted by honest scientists that show how deleterious to our health and the health of the biosphere those GMO products are, to the monstrous spike in suicides among young farmers in India who can't get out from under the massive debts they owe to the GMO corporations, to the illnesses in Hawaii and elsewhere resulting from tests of ferocious herbicides and insecticides by Monsanto and other GMO companies, to the inroads upon our health and welfare that increase daily as a result of eating GMO "foods," this is a book every American should be reading, for the sake of their own and their offspring's health. From detailed descriptions of the biochemical makeup of genetically modified organisms to discussion of the ecological impact which GMO plants and animals have on the biosphere to the shenanigans which GMO Corporations pull to get away with crimes that include outright murder, this is a book that ought to be in every thinking American's personal library.

Russia, China, and many European nations have banned the Sale of GMO and related products outright. Other European nations only allow them to be sold if they are labeled with complete honesty, including inclusion of "GMP products" and similar information. We really need to do the same, for our own sakes.

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