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Fastest wand in the West: Ribbitt! Moo!

Had a brainstorm this afternoon: How about a new TV series hearkening back to the old "Have Gun Will Travel" weekly TV series of the late 1950s and early 1960s called "Have Wand, Will Travel"? The central and continuing character, Abigail Lovecraft, is gorgeous, with long, blond hair; she is stacked, and wears boots with 5-inch spike heels. Like Paladin before her, she hires herself out, using her Magick wand rather than a gun as necessary. She turns men who get a little too rowdy around her into toads, telling them as they sit there on the floor, sadly croaking "Ribbit? Ribbit?", "Now, y'all behave, or I won't change you back." And since today's audiences are used to some of the more extreme rap music, some men refer to her by words and phrases normally used to indicate a woman's ladyparts or a certain kind of professional woman whose workplace is a room over a saloon where she attends to the needs of men for a price. She turns those men into cows, renting them out to dairy farmers, and doesn't ever change them back. Men are very polite to her once they learn about the ways in which she defends her honor, and the ladies find her reputation highly amusing and often hire her to rid them of rude, crude men who won't take HELL NO!! for an answer.

I figure that now Game of Thrones is beginning to favor the ladies, whereas the men in that series had it all their way before, it could set a new trend -- one which "Have Wand, Will Travel" could profitably exploit.

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