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Suspicions confirmed?

Someone just told me that there's a strong possibility that many of the posts on Facebook and other social media seemingly in support of Donald Trump are actually the work of Communists and/or people paid by the Democrats and even some Republicans to create them. These are the posts that seem to be written by non-stop pottymouths and functional illiterates or created by cartoonists to be as repulsive and vicious as possible. The posts in question seem to attack liberals and Democrats, above all Mr. and Mrs. Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders, in ways that are utterly puerile, cruel, and stupid. They are driving many people to utterly reject not only Donald Trump, but all Republican nominees in all offices whatsover by creating sympathy even among Conservatives for the apparent targets of these attacks -- which may not be attacks at all, but rather left-handed ways of getting the country to vote for Democratic candidates and follow the liberal lines.

Whether that's true or not, those posts are so repellent that they turn one's stomach. The Billinsgate and nonstop verbal and graphic sewage with which these posts are replete aren't doing the Republicans, Libertarians, and Tea Party any favors. I don't care how well-intentioned you might be -- and we all know what road is paved with good intentions -- and how much you want to defeat the Democrats in the coming November election, you aren't doing their opposite numbers any favors whatsoever with such posts. (If I see any more posts replete with runs of four or five exclamation points or posts talking about "Muslimes" one more time, I will vomit.)

You know who you are. The problem for you is, so do we, that part of the electorate that is literate, who think with our intellects and not our gonads, who appreciate skilled use of the English language and really don't much cotton to the endless and revolting tide of verbal filth and those ghastly cartoons about politicians' wives. You're either Communists, out to shoot down conservative America, or useful idiots who think they are helping conservatives but are doing precisely the opposite. To the former, we've had more than enough of you and your Islamist allies; to the latter, please SHUT UP AND STOP MESSING UP THE CHANCES THAT OUR COUNTRY WILL SURVIVE AS A CONSTITUTIONAL NATION OF THE SORT ITS FOUNDERS ENVISIONED.

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