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“You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means.” -- Inigo Montoya, in The Princess Bride

Yesterday I saw a very ugly two-panel political cartoon comparing Michelle Obama, as a very ugly, dykish woman who has transitioned from a burly, hairy man, wearing a dress that doesn't fit right and doesn't compliment her, to Donald Trump's wife, Melania, shown as a very glamorous, spectacularly comely woman. As I'm sure many of you know, I am a Conservative, and favor neither the Democrats nor Liberals. But that cartoon, obviously intended as a poke in the eye for the Democrats, liberals, and the Obamas, did not strike me the way you might think it should have: it was a nasty example of vicious bullying of the First Lady.

More: it was a damned lie -- I have never seen any evidence suggesting that Mrs. Obama is less than slender, svelte, very good looking, and ladylike. That doesn't mean that such evidence doesn't exist -- or that it does. But so far, nobody seems to have produced evidence concerning Mrs. Obama's pulchritude or lack thereof that would be acceptable medically, scientifically, or in a court of law. In short, it seems to be pure, sickeningly malicious slander, the result of someone spreading bad gossip with malice aforethought.

Granted, Donald Trump's wife is a beautiful woman, but Michelle Obama is neither ugly, nor a cross-dresser, nor someone transitioning from male to female. That ugly, ugly caricature of Michelle Obama was something that a group of beautiful, vicious high-school girls would come up with by way of bullying another girl at the high school, a graphic version of the nastiest sort of ad hominem argument, i.e., insulting someone rather than giving a fair critique of that someone's work with good evidence to back up the critique.

In short, it looks like something that a puerile Republican/Conservative would come up with to mock a female Democrat/liberal. OR something that an underhanded, high-IQ Marxist would come up with to make people think that American conservatives and our Republican party include nothing but low-class, racist, gynophobic buffoons who have nothing better to do than make fun of the President's wife. It could be either -- but it sure suggests that the latter possibility is the true one.

If you are a Conservative, either Libertarian or Republican or member of the Tea Party, and you don't want to make your like-minded allies and friends look bad, DON'T have anything to do with such cruel digs at Mrs. Obama. They would also make you out to be a liar, spreading bad gossip for the sheer, evil joy of it without providing any proof that is not a damned lie. And if you are a Liberal or a Democrat, don't YOU circulate such tripe with the intention of making the Conservatives/Republicans/Tea Party look bad. Some of us are onto you, you vicious little yahoos . . .

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