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Please be careful of the science!

As you may have gathered from previous posts, I am very interested in everything to do with UFOs, GMO "food," and similar things, and am convinced that there is really something going on there. HOWEVER:

While presenters such as Richard Dolan (see his videos on Youtube.com) have truly valuable information to impart on some topics (e.g., UFOs, politics, history, etc.), when it comes to other things . . . not so much. The reason why is that they aren't trained in the hard and biological sciences, chemistry, and astronomy, and don't have the intellectual tools to understand why some claims don't work.

Example: Zecharia Sitchin, Nibiru, and the 12th planet. One of Sitchin's claims is that a supposed 12th planet, "Nibirus," comes into the inner Solar System every 3,600 years. If it did, it could only do it once -- the gravitational perturbations it would cause would send planets out of their orbits, starting collisions among them and lots of asteroids, and Earth would be totaled as a result. Doesn't work, people. Check your celestial mechanics.

Example: "Chem trails." Supposedly chemicals are deliberately rained down on cities and other population centers by high-flying jet planes. Objection 1: Jets aren't crop-dusters, which generally fly about 50 feet over the fields they treat. As a result, wind shear high above would tear any chemical exudate laid down at such altitudes into ragged strips and then into mist so tenuous it would never reach the ground. Objection 2: Falling from high in the sky, what was left of those "chem trails" would rapidly combine with oxygen in our oxygen-rich atmosphere and rapidly denatured, unable to do any dirty work thereafter. Objection 3: If you want to poison or infect people, the best way to do it is to put it into food people eat -- e.g., GMOs and their byproducts. If you put it in water, chlorine bleach added to reservoirs, etc. to disinfect anything in there will quickly react with it -- chlorine is even more viciously reactive than oxygen -- and render it harmless. And as for the atmosphere, see Objection 1, above. So all that remains is the food -- and there is plenty of evidence that that has actually happened. You are correct about GMOs -- but not about "chem trails."

This is pretty basic stuff, people, things you learned about in high school and a couple of years of college, or should have. Saying that all these resources that point out why certain theories don't work are all part of a giant conspiracy to confuse the public or the like is begging the question, and adds plenty of fuel to arguments by scientists and media "experts" that UFOs aren't real, GMO products do no harm, and so on. So please, please, PLEASE check these things out to avoid errors in basic, simple science that take away your credibility. We need you. Please don't alienate those who might otherwise give credence to your best ideas and theories and add fuel to arguments by self-righteous, scared-of-the-dark, pompous "experts" who likely have been bought by major corporations, as it is.

PS: Remember: It isn't proof unless it can be falsified. In law and science, to prove a theory or hypothesis, you have to demonstrate how it can be falsified so that other researchers can test to see if it doesn't work. If you can't do that, it ain't legitimate science or legal argument (in law, the falsifier is the prosecutor or attorney for the plaintiffs; the theory, that the accused is innocent, is presented by the attorney for the defense). So a mere claim isn't the same as a proof, no matter how many instances of claims are presented. Remember: all it takes to show that "all crows are black" is false-to-fact is one white crow.

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