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Ancient Earth and alien civilizations

Recently I watched a History Channel special on "ancient aliens," having to do with what may be evidence of interactions between ancient humanity (from the Ice Age until around 2,000 years ago). I have reservations about some of it, and there could be more mundane explanations for some of that evidence. But it got me to thinking.

Reports of strange lights in the sky, visitations by strange beings, and what might have been actual aircraft or ground-to-space spacecraft have been found dating back to the first literate human cultures. And from then until now, our atmosphere has, more and more, been saturated with particles of unnatural combinations of metal typical of the alloys used by the Old Romans in their industries, high loads of combustion products typical of large wildfires set off by human activities, and other things typical of industrial cultures, even advanced industrial cultures like ours, not present in our atmosphere before at least 8,000 BC. Today, using advanced telescopes, we are coming closer and closer to being able to see actual atmospheres of extrasolar planets the size of Neptune or smaller. Eventually we may well be able to capture the spectral signatures of those atmosphere, even those of planets the size of Earth. If so, we would find atmospheres of such worlds containing significant amounts of such materials, from industrial alloys, ceramics, and exotic materials particularly exciting in a scientific sense, for they would simply scream "Civilization here!" And if we could, we'd go to visit such worlds to see what they were like.

But what about Earthlike worlds without creatures capable of civilization on them?

Imagine Earth 350-275 million years ago. Atmospheric oxygen levels then were extremely high, perhaps as much as 30% - 35% oxygen. Only living creatures could keep a persistent, significant amount of oxygen of any amount in the atmosphere, because otherwise it would rapidly combine with everything available and be lost to the atmosphere. Something like plants and/or algae would be needed to liberate it from carbon dioxide, and something like animals would be necessary to keep enough CO2 in the atmosphere to feed the plants. And something like fungi would be necessary to keep the plants/algae healthy. Hence atmospheric oxygen = life. And if there were also combustion products present all the time in that atmosphere, that would mean life on land, because only on land could natural combustion occur. During the Carboniferous and Early Permian Periods of the Paleozoic Era of Earthly life atmospheric oxygen levels were so high that fires were starting all the time, often on a 24/7/365 basis, due to lightning strikes and the magnifying effects atmospheric ice and so on have on sunlight.

Those levels of atmospheric oxygen and combustion strikes would draw extrasolar observers like a magnet does iron filings. If they could have come here then, they would have, because we would have been one of those "rare earths" that have complex life, not just simple bacteria or that sort of thing, one possibly capable of producing a technologically advanced civilization at some point. So why isn't anyone discussing that?

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Apr. 12th, 2016 11:23 am (UTC)
So why isn't anyone discussing that?

Possibly because it is such a difficult, albeit interesting (to me, anyway), subject matter to wrap one's mind around. I personally think there is more of a probability of extra-solar intelligent life than just a mere possibility based solely on the vast numbers of stars. How many have planets that orbit them in the "Goldilocks" zone, the area where life (as we know it) would be able to most easily survive? How many of those planets have any form of life on them? Of that number, how many have complex forms of life on them? Of those with complex forms of life, how many have intelligent forms on them? And of those, how many species of intelligent life are looking - as we are - to other galaxies, seeking out other forms of intelligent life? The numbers of stars alone is mind boggling, let alone trying to extrapolate out the potential number of intelligent life forms - and we haven't even found all of the stars yet!

Have any of those extra-solar intelligent life forms, if they do in fact exist, visited Earth? I would say that it is a strong possibility, rather than a probability, as we do not have definitive proof (in spite of the claims of the guy with the goofy hair on "Ancient Aliens" - yeah, I've seen the show ...), outside of legends and stories. Could they have visited? Yes. Have they visited? No one knows for sure - yet. But we keep looking, a la SETI . We, as a species, keep hoping to find, to know that we are not alone in the universe.
Apr. 14th, 2016 12:40 am (UTC)
On visitors from space
Okay. One thing I should mention: My late friend Gary Csillaghegyi, who died in 1995, was once an Air Force Intelligence agent. He was also a highly trained observer, and had graduated with a Bachelor's in astronomy/celestial mechanics, then started in at UCLA, training for the Mars Program. Somewhere late in the 1960s, something went down in the drink off the coast of Spain; it was salvaged by NATO, then towed to the United States and offloaded here to be taken to an undisclosed location for analysis. Gary was a genius linguist, on top of everything else, fluent in maybe 10 languages, able to speak and write in several more, and able to bring himself up to speed in several others, so they had been using him to translate German and other international newspapers for intelligence analysts who only spoke and read English. But then they transferred him to the umpty-zillionth Project Aurora, and had him working with other linguists on trying to translate what was for all the world a manual of operations for the thing. He told several of us about this not long before he died of a heart attack -- he knew he was dying -- because when he and his colleagues went to their superiors to let them know what they had learned from the craft and beg then to let the public know about it, they were given a choice: Either be released from the Air Force on a general discharge, and never, ever tell anyone about it, on pain of incarceration for life in the lowest levels of a federal prison to prevent them from talking about it to anyone, or . . . well, possibly being court-martialed and shot for treason. So he never told anyone about it up to then. At any rate, he was dying. He was not crazy, or lying. It was true. More, he knew from the Air Force that we had been visited many times by creatures from other stellar systems. The thing that he and his colleagues were analyzing was clearly not a mother ship; it wasn't all that big, for one thing, while the mother ships, photographed and noted many times by both astronomers and intelligence agencies from many nations and agencies, were so big that if they had landed on Earth, Earth's gravity would have snapped their spines. So this was a scout, or something of the sort. There's also plenty of evidence from other sources that we have been visited -- try, e.g., Richard Dolan on Youtube.com, but not the-rant-and-rave types, and also Col. Philip Corso's The Day After Roswell. (Geraldo Rivera is O-U-T, and this isn't about paranormal stuff. Corso's book goes into Cold War agreements between us and the Soviet Union concerning UFOs, which the Soviets despised, as well.)
More on next comment

Apr. 14th, 2016 12:41 am (UTC)
Following previous comment

Yes, they have visited us, some after 1946, some -- going back who knows how far. Now, what we might use to try to determine if Earth was visited by them before the time of humanity, I would look for metallurgically strange deposits of blends of particles of metals including industrial metals such as tin, copper, iron, mercury metal, lead, even silver and gold. They've been found in Greenland and Antarctica ice cores dating back to the time of Old Rome, containing blends and alloys of metals of the sort used in their industries. Something making metallic artifacts or ceramics or whatever other strange materials at a time when no members of any species of Homo sapiens lived, especially before we tamed fire, and when it was unlikely any species had a technology making such materials, such as in the mid-Permian up through the Triassic, would make it extremely probable that these were the leavings of visitors. But nobody's looking for those -- or if they are, they haven't reported on it.

There have been reports of artifacts such as something like a modern spark-plug and another a perfect ball-bearing encased in rock going back 180 million years ago or even 3 billion years ago that would qualify. Such things have been found -- then tucked away on the back shelves of museums, labeled as "anomalies" and left alone thereafter.

Why haven't such things been officially revealed? The Air Force claimed it would start a world-wide panic. But since at leat 20% or so of the world knows about such things through the Internet, reading, and so on, and hasn't panicked yet, obvioiusly there's another reason. Such as, the public would demand the secret of faster-than-light travel, which our Air Force and maybe others have from crashed examples of our visitors' work, which would enable them to leave the Earth, which, in the eyes of intelligence agencies, who believe that if a thing can be done, it will be done, even if it isn't, would make people uncontrollable by them or by corporations or by official national assemblies such as our Senators and Congressmen. That's a rather unkind thought, but once I was a civilian contractor for the US Navy, and at age 9 I got dusted by a lot of fallout from H-bomb test Castle-Bravo, and there's what I've learned over the years from other sources, and believe me, that's how the bastards think. They'd rather that all life on Earth would become extinct rather than that they lose their precious fucking control over us all.

Anyway, if you have any questions about any of this, please let me know.

Edited at 2016-04-14 12:42 am (UTC)
Apr. 14th, 2016 03:40 am (UTC)
One other thing: A video you may find of interest in this respect:

Richard Dolan: Global Dimensions of the UFO coverup


Long, but worth watching. Mr. Dolan is primarily a historical and political analyst. I think you'll enjoy this.
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