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I am furious -- incandescent blue-white

I went to the Federal Trade Commission's website just a few minutes ago and filed a complaint against Microsoft, Inc., concerning their G-ddamned Windows 10, available for free download.

If any of you are considering downloading the damned thing, here is what I told the FTC (http://www.ftc.gov):

Microsoft sent me and email urging me to download their Windows 10, for free. Yes, it was free, and yes, it was truly Microsoft. But it turned to be a beta-tester, which neither I nor probably many other people who took the bait knew at the time. Now, many of us are having serious problems with Microsoft 10 that tie up our time, and cause us to lose money paying Microsoft to fix the problems. This is a complete rip-off. I'm a very small business owner, one who has a money-back guarantee and honors it. I depend absolutely on my laptop computer, which only uses Microsoft products. I want either to have them put a clean copy of the latest version of Microsoft XP on my computer (I know they won't give any more fixes, but I don't want them anyway), or a brand-new laptop already loaded with Windows XP, or at least $6,000.000 dollars to get this done myself. What they're doing is fraud and a terrible rip-off. Like so many others now, I have very little money, am on a very low, fixed income, and absolutely can't afford this messing around Microsoft is doing with customers. This isn't necessary, it isn't right, and it is unbelievably cruel.


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