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One thing that really gets my goat when I'm online is that there're always one or two creeps who love hassling me in various ways. For example, one will say, after I've shared something on Facebook having to do with our lousy economy, "Oh, then I guess you're for raising the minimum wage by [write in the hourly amount]." And I'll fire back with something to the effect that hell no, I'm not for it, and why the hell does he think so? Almost always it's a dude who does this, a dude who is probably in his teens or twenties and almost certainly under the age of 22, and the tone makes it clear he's trying to put me in my place.

Well, my actual place is in charge of a giant corporation of some kind, one that has to do with space-related technology and which supports space-travel. I'm not there, yet, but that's where I'd be if I could be. Apparently the public schools in this country have made slapping down students who "think they're smart [read: who ARE fucking smart, with tested IQs over 140] for their "smart-aleck" questions and articles etc. etc. etc., and they started doing so around 1951, in the autumn of which I started 1st grade at the age of six and a half. And the bastards who think that taunting other kids for "being smart" haven't the faintest idea of what those other kids know, the things that go into those students' writings in any media, or anything related to these. And generally speaking, those kids are malignant narcissists who neither know nor care that their antisocial remarks and behavior don't say anything good about them, but don't say anything bad about their victims.

Anyway, you jerks, stay the fuck away from my deeply held convictions and from the Facebook posts that are crafted by me with exquisite care so that I won't misinform anyone, that wherever appropriate I can inject some real and powerful humor into the conversation, that it's clear I can and will back up what I have to say via the literature on which what I say is based, that I cite sources so they can check out those sources, and that I will otherwise avoid informing my nonfiction and poetry with my own woke, nobody else's.

Now pull up your pants and take a tuck in it, junior!

And may Alfred E. Neuman and his girlfriend, Moxie Cowznowski, follow you around forever, letting all and sundry know that you are a complete and rancid moron.

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Apr. 2nd, 2016 06:29 pm (UTC)
I never get prolific stalkers. :(
Apr. 3rd, 2016 04:37 am (UTC)
Darn. Should I refer some of them to you? ;-)
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