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Email I just sent to Dr. Richard Dolan

I just sent an email to Dr Richard Dolan at keyholepub@gmail.com (his website is http://www.richarddolanpress.com/). Some of you may find this of interest. If you want to watch his videos, he's on Youtube. Just enter his name in the site search engine and they'll come up. Here's the text of the email:

Dear Dr. Dolan,

I have watched your videos on Youtube with great interest, and find that I agree with you on a great many issues. But not all. I imagine others have said the same things to you that I am about to say, so please pardon me if I'm rehashing things that are old news. To the extent possible, I will provide citations as to the sources as appropriate, and I thank you for your patience for reading this.

First, Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL, etc.) is not a creation of the CIA, as some of the things you say in your videos seem to suggest. They are quite real, and they are part of the desire of countless Muslims to make Islam great again by the methods Mohammed employed, namely wars of conquest, including wars using disinformation to do part of the job. For various reasons, Islam was left out of the loop of developing civilization since the 13th or 14th centuries. One of those reasons was the inception and implementation by the Islamic world of the philosophy of Occasionalism (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ash%27ari), which holds that from instant to instant, Allah (which simply means "G-d", as we employ that name) destroys and recreates the entire universe according to His will. Anything that happens is Allah's will. So there's no point to initiative, practice, arrival at truth by modern objective science, etc., since if Allah wants a thing to happen, it will happen, no matter how one practices and strives to make it happen or does not so strive. But by the 17th and 18th centuries, Europe and its colonies had pulled way ahead of the civilization of Islam, and the Islamic world began to envy the fruits of our sciences and engineering. Then there were the cruelties inflicted on the Islamic world by the Dutch in the 18th and 19th centuries, and that envy began to turn to outright hate. Finally, during World War I and later,England betrayed the Islamic world in a number of ways, as I'm certain you know from your study of history, and that hate began to turn into rage -- rage that eventually misfired as hatred of Israel (Hitler is a hero to many Muslims, and Mohammed hated Jews, so Israel, very unfairly, is typed as a minion of Western civilization and attacked as such).

The point is that lately these trends have culminated in a form of fundamentalist Islam that sees jihad as the key to both re-acquiring Islam's might and influence and wealth and getting revenge on Europe. The main target of that drive is the United States, which they call the Great Satan, and Israel, which they call the Little Satan. And groups such as Al Qaeda and Islamic State spearhead that drive.

As for the "innocence" of Islam, I wouldn't bet on it. Get yourself a good translation into English of the Quran, the Islamic holy book, and read it, cover to cover. You'd be surprised and appalled at a good deal of what's in there. Then there is Shariah law (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sharia). I don't think you'd like it if, as so many radical Muslims want, Shariah became the law of our own. I really don't. Then check out the videos of a lady named Wafa Sultan. She is a psychiatrist who was raised in Islamic culture but fled to the US and became an atheist due to the really terrible spin-offs of that culture in her native country. She's highly intelligent and not bigoted against Muslims, but as she points out in her videos, Islam is bad for both Muslim men and Muslim women, and she would love to see it vanish from the world for that reason. Her videos are on Youtube, and worth checking out.

Conspiracies are in large part opportunistic. It is much easier to take what's already there and twist it to meet there own needs. Hitler took the general anger and feelings of betrayal of people during the Weimar Republic, whose children were going hungry and without shelter because of the terrible reparations visited on Germany by the French after World War One, and he and his accomplices used all that rage and hurt to get the people of Germany to accept him as Chancellor and, later, dictator. And Germany has always had some degree of antisemitism, and he used that, too, to give the people of Germany a scapegoat to blame things on instead of the decision-makers, i.e., Hitler and his cronies. (BTW, I'm a Jew, and I've made some study of this, for obvious reasons.) Hitler did not create German antisemitism, nor was he responsible for how World War One played out and France's vengeful demands for ruinous reparations from Germany, but he sure as hell advantage of them to further his own ends.

The same is true of radical fundamentalist Islam, which came into existence because of envy of the Western world's successes (those groups are rather like cargo cultists (http://www.sjsu.edu/faculty/watkins/cargocult.htm and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cargo_cult_science, etc.) and were strengthened by the British Empire's betrayals along with various actions by other European nations as well as the USA. The CIA didn't create them, nor was it responsible for any of the trends that fed into them that took place before WW2. But they sure are capable of using those phenomena and trends in various ways, and that may be what has happened.

There are many real conspiracies in the world, as it is. But there is also a conspiracy-theory culture, many of whose members interpret everything as a conspiracy and its fruits, up to and including NOAA.gov, the weather (which is, mathematically speaking, chaotic and thus not easy to predict), bad grades at school (which, most of the time, is due to the fact that that particular conspiracy theorist didn't bother studying or practicing or doing research or simply reading, rather than any real conspiracy. There's also the fact that too many conspiracy theorists rely on "as everyone knows" without doing productive research and citing dependable sources), which is an outright abandonment of the principle of assumed innocence (that someone is presumed to be innocent unless proven otherwise), a highly important part of the foundations of law in the West. And many of them are way too prone to simply Make Stuff Up (MSU; remember that acronym, as it happens a lot and it easier to write and say MSU than it is Making Stuff Up) to try to bolster the strength of their arguments, such as they are.

One example of this last came to my attention back in 2004, a few months before the national election. One of the self-styled conspiracy gurus told everyone he could that the natal horoscopes of Hitler and George W. Bush were "virtually identical." He was, clearly, anti-Bush. Well, I learned how to do astrology years ago, and in these economically desperate times I do charts for people to make some very needed coin. I have been trained in mathematics and the sciences, but I am a competent astrologer with a money-back guarantee (and an objectively testable theory of why astrology works, having to do with both solar and terrestrial electromagnetic fields, the way they interact, and reactions of living Earthly creatures, including us, to changes and stressors in those fields). Anyway, I ran up both charts and compared them. As it is, the natal horoscopes of any given two persons almost always have significant differences, and this is true of the synastry (comparison) between Dubya's and Hitler's charts. The accuser had simply made up his charge that they were similar.

And then there's the often-quoted rumor that George W. Bush is a moron, i.e., backward intellectually. In fact, he graduated from Yael with good grades, which is hard to do. Unlike Obama's real grades and so on from the universities he says he has attended, Dubya's are available and can be checked. So no, GWB is not stupid and not a moron. Again, people MSU.

Be that as it may, yes, I agree with you on many of the things you talk about. Examples: The GMO companies and what they're doing to our health and well being. The Pharmaceutical companies, one of which (at least), Bayer, is also in the GMO business, ditto. The idea that we have been visited and are being visited by aliens from other stellar systems (but not from the Solar System; no other body in the Solar System could support the kind of life that could create a civilization and a technology that these visitors obviously have). As for visitors from other universes/dimensions, the scientist and author Jacques Vallee (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacques_Vall%C3%A9e) writes of creatures such as the Fey/Siddhe/Fair Folk/etc. mentioned in countless terrestrial legends, who could well have come from other universes/dimensions to exploit us (most of those legends, in fact, make it clear that those beings a vicious, cruel, often seductive, and carrying freight of spite for and disgust at us. Too much smoke not to indicate fire.

As for physical spacecraft coming from other stellar systems, yes, As I tod you in a previous email, I had a very dear friend who, dying, told us about one he actually worked on as a member of Air Force Intelligence, and I have no reason to doubt his credibility in that. And there are other reasons for my believing we have had such visitors. In fact, such visits might very well go back at least as far as the late Devonian or Early Carboniferous, 350 million years ago, because by then, thanks to the tireless photosynthesis of early land-plants as well as algae on land and at sea, our atmosphere had significant amounts of oxygen in it, and lightning-caused forest fires added combustion products to that, as well. The chemistry of combustion products is distinct from that of, say, volcanic emissions, and the continuous, long-term presence of oxygen, a very active element, can only be due to the presence of photosynthetic life. Combustion requires fuel, provided by life, such as leaves, as well as significantly high amounts of atmospheric oxygen, and that and measurable amounts of atmospheric oxygen on a world simply scream "Life here! Life here!) in unmistaken terms. Scientifically advanced civilizations could have discovered both on our world using very advanced telescopes, just as we use cruder ones to take spectrograms of the atmospheres of Jupiter-sized bodies orbiting other stars. And the presence of both on a smaller, rocky world would be of enormous scientific interest to those observers. If they had a way to get here, they would mount a scientific expedition to do so, as soon as possible. Our world could well have been under observation by extra-solar civilization for hundreds of millions of years simply because of that. And once they found that one creature, us, had tamed fire, they'd have watched us like hawks from then on, because you have to have fire in order to smelt metal and so the other things a high-tech civilization requires. Are we a threat to them? I can imagine their own military intelligence agencies thinking that, because in such agencies it is always assumed that if something can be a threat, it is best to assume that it is a threat that must be countered before it can wreak havoc. And could they have journeyed here in something under the millennia or myriads of years to do so at just under the speed of light. Because you don't have to make that journey at anything under the speed of light if you can control and aim quantum tunneling (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_tunnelling) so that all the particles of your spacecraft and you yourself arrived coherently, still in the shape they were when you started out, instantaneously.

Sorry this is so long, but I thought you might find all of this interesting.

Thank you for your patient consideration for reading this. If you contact me I will be happy to discuss any of this or anything else at whatever length you want.

-- Ms.Yael R. Dragwyla

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