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Here's what people in Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood woke up to about 2 a.m. yesterday, March 9, 2016:

Clean-up continues at Greenwood explosion site - seattlepi.com

The cleanup is still going on. A bicycle shop was heavily damaged; the Neptune coffee shop was totally destroyed; and windows were shattered all around. I got a call yesterday from a friend of mine who lives in Oklahoma asking if I was all right. Bewildered, I asked why. She had seen this several times on the news yesterday, and was worried it could have affected me. But I live up in Seattle's North End, in the Broadview neighborhood, and had heard nothing about it until my friend called. Turns out this happened right where I get off the bus when I go to Bartell's pharmacy on N 85th St; the bus stop is right in front of the (now destroyed) Neptune coffee house. Fortunately it happened around 2 a.m. yesterday morning, when there were no customers in those shops. 9 firemen sustained mild injuries, but no one else was hurt.

My veterinarian is located at 8205 Greenwood, a couple of blocks from the site of the explosion, and on the same side of the street. I called them to see if they were all right, and they were. Apparently no animals were hurt by the explosion except maybe for insects, worms in the soil under the buildings that were damaged, a mouse or two, and the inevitable opossum. So while the incident was scary, it seems to have ended well. I just hope the owners of the damaged buildings have outstanding insurance policies on them.

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