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The Powers That Be: Psychopathy

Psychopaths are individuals who have no conscience, no empathy with any others, no ability to love. They cannot learn from punishment. Generally speaking, they leave trails of wreckage behind them wherever they go -- sometimes physical, as a result of violence; sometimes financial; sometimes social; sometimes material; sometimes genetic and/or medical. Like anyone else, they can feel pain and distress, but unlike others, when the pain or other distress is over, as far as they're concerned, it's as if it never happened. Their intelligence follows the same Bell Curve that everyone else's does; when it is high, they can accomplish prodigies -- but not without damage to others. They crave stimulation -- sex, drugs, alcohol, whatever -- and their worst enemy is boredom. They can't stand being bored. The only punishment they cannot endure is sensory deprivation for a period of more than about 5 seconds; a week of it would drive them permanently and irredeemably insane. Their inner world is an endless grey of boredom occasionally punctuated by the scarlet of stimulation, and they will do nearly anything to acquire stimulation that alleviates that deadly boredom. They can be intensely charming, and tend to be compulsive, even stupid liars. They make promises they never keep, and incur debts they have no intention of paying. All this, because of neurological deficits due to glitches in the development of their brains early on, perhaps starting as early as the womb.

Many crave power, and will do anything to get it. Some have said it's the greatest drug of all. Political power. The power of the bully extended to affect countless others. And once one of them sets his or her sights on it, he or she will do literally anything to get it, not caring who or what gets hurt -- or gets dead -- in the process. The psychopath in pursuit of power is absolutely ruthless in that pursuit, and for this reason hierarchies of power, whether corporate, military, or political in the formal sense, strongly tend to be top-heavy with psychopaths. In short, psychopaths tend to rise to the top -- which is why, all too often, human societies, organizations, and nations fall apart, suffer enormous misery, and end up doing horrific damage, often irreparable, to everything around them. This tendency is true for all human groups. As a result, without strong watchdog groups looking for uses and abuses of power, and strong forces militating against seizure of power by would-be despots, egregious incompetents, and bureaucratic idiots, eventually any human group will fall apart, its goals, however noble or well thought out, become so much smoke on the wind.

This is true for any human group. Be it a national government, a local town hall-style government, the Ladies Auxiliary in a small town, an Elks or Masons lodge, groups concerned about extraterrestrial aliens and UFOs, a church group, a biker club, an environmentalist association, a group formed to prevent animal cruelty, a school, you name it, this is true for all of them. Never think that because you admire the stated goals of a group that that group can't go to the bad. Any group formed by any people for any purpose can go to the bad, and will if its members aren't watchful for the rise within it of conscienceless individuals hungry for power.

This is why human history is such a tragic thing, and why it tends inevitably to go to hell. Be careful wherein you place your loyalty. The people of the lie are out there, and they are hungry for power.

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