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UFO contactee reports and human biology

I watched a couple of long Youtube videos yesterday about extraterrestrial (?) contacts and what is known about them. They left me massively unsatisfied, and since then I've been thinking deeply about the whole issue of UFO contactee experiences and what they imply -- and why what has been reported about them leaves me so deeply unsettled. Here, for what it's worth, is what I've come up with.

1) I have reason to believe that Earth has been visited numerous times by extrasolar civilizations -- civilizations capable of mounting and mastering the enormously advanced technology necessary for successful interstellar travel and exploration -- not just during humanity's tenure on Earth, but at least as far back as the Devonian, when appreciable amounts of oxygen first existed in Earth's atmosphere, and perhaps all the way back to the beginning of life on Earth or even a couple of hundred million years before that, as Earth and the rest of the Solar System were forming out of the cloud of stardust and space flotsam that gave rise to it all. If you want to know why I believe this, ask me in the comments and I'll do my best to answer you satisfactorily, but going into that here would just take up room needed for the rest of this.

Anyway, that said, there are many, many things about the whole UFO-contactee paradigm that do not fit neatly into the idea of beings from other stellar systems and civilizations visiting us in physical spaceships for the sort of reasons we might visit the worlds of other stars. Which leads us to

2) some of the truly weird experiences people have had during encounters with beings who are supposedly from other worlds, and the equally weird behavior of some supposed spaceships and other purported alien technology that have been reported down the years . . . and centuries. Reports of these sound more like things reported by occultists as well as by people during the Middle Ages and before having to do with alleged angels, demons, Gods, and other such beings than they do the sort of things that the US Air Force or other military bodies might have witnessed of real spaceships from worlds of other stars and the beings carried by them. These sound much more like reports of the Fair Folk -- the truly terrifying beings often called Fairies, but not at all resembling the pretty Little Folk of either Shakespearean lore or the sort of thing you find in young children's picture-books, the sadistic monsters who regard taking young human children and whiling away a few hours torturing them to death in front of their horrified parents as among the finest of entertainments -- than they do those of beings using a spaceships and computers and other mundane sorts of technology to visit other worlds for more justifiable reasons.

Given (1) and (2) above, there must thus be at least two classes of our alien visitors, one consisting of beings with alien but comprehensible technologies and motives, the other of beings who can slip in and out of our reality with no use of anything like known technology just to mess with us. Class (1) would comprise beings who, however physically and biologically alien to us, could probably be dealt with as Earthly nations deal with one another. Class (2) would include beings who are mostly sadistic psychopaths who can't be trusted, whose motives are twisted in the extreme, who have no conscience, who don't particularly give a damn about the possible consequences of their actions because they believe they are sooooo superior to us and anyway who cares?, and who might have inherited whatever technology they use from earlier peoples who created fantastically advanced technology and then, for whatever reason, died out or left this universe for good.

Not once did the man giving the video presentation use the word "psychopath" or "psychopathic" to describe the latter, even though the behavior of the latter clearly fits the definitions of these words. Why? Use of that term might help to clarify what we are dealing with here. Those terms should have been used, but weren't. Why? Stephen King, in such novels as The Tommyknockers, does a very good job of describing the damned things and what they do to us. So why can't the UFO community do so?

(3) The most salient feature of any living being is just that: it is alive, and therefore is part of the biological universe, part and parcel of every law and feature of it, biochemically, behaviorally, ecologically, thermodynamically, and otherwise. That is true of us, and must be true of all other living beings. And nobody ever mentions it, nor ever places the subjects of the discussion in that universe along with us. Why? Behavior that might make no sense otherwise when discussed in a purely sociological, psychological, or political context suddenly begins to make sense when one takes into account the fact that living creatures are under discussion -- creatures that need to eat, take in water, breathe, expel wastes, and all the other things necessary to biological being. So why haven't any of these analysts of alien behavior, UFOs, Washington, DC cover-ups of same, and so on ever discuss this aspect of both humanity and our strange visitors, whatever they are?

(4) Conspiracies: The UFO/contactee experts are, by and large, also 9/11 "Truthers," and seem to believe that the only evil in the world is the United States of America. They seem to believe that our entire history as a nation has been predicated entirely on evil, and that no other nation on Earth can be held to blame for anything. Except, of course, Israel.

No mention of the Soviet Union. Or of the Third Reich. No mention of North Korea, Iran, Saddam Hussein, the Ottoman Empire, Pol Pot, or any of the other tyrants and tyrannical excesses of history. Really? Why?

What conspiracy theories of the sort presented in those videos seem to have in common is the tying together of tropes. "Everybody knows that [fill in the blank # 1] and everybody knows [fill in the blank # 2].so therefore [fill in the blank # 3]." All very logical.

Okay, fine, prove that these things which, supposedly, everybody knows are true. If not, go to the back of the class.

Two of the arguments presented by "Truthers" as to why the US government had to be behind 9/11 is "the fires created by the jets crashing into the Twin Towers could not possibly have brought them down" and "no parts of the jets were found afterwards, so the jets didn't exist, and the videos purporting to show them just before they hit the Towers were hoaxes." Well, some engineers got together and started testing these two ideas. They found that the heat released by all that jet fuel released by the crashes into a couple of floors of each tower was so high it could easily soften steel and burn less durable materials, and as the steel in the girders of the Towers began to soften and then slump, the weight of all the floors above came crashing down and pulled the whole tower down in each case. More: a test in which a jet plane was bolted onto a track and aimed at a brick wall about 15 feet thick resulted in the jet, upon hitting the wall and trying to fly through it, being reduced to so much powder and sand, while the wall remained virtually intact. Okay: Why the hell did the "Truthers" never test their assumptions this way? Why did they never conduct objective tests like this, or work with engineers and scientists who could? Because, ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you, they were far more comfortable clutching their untested tropes close to their collective breasts forever and for all time than in doing a little intelligent forensic testing to see what the truth actually was.

And so it also goes for the UFO/contactee phenomenon and the conspiracy theories surrounding it.

Yes, I have reason to believe that we have, in fact, been visited by creatures from other stellar systems and civilizations -- as well as by creatures which star heavily in ancient folk tales as bastards and worse who might well be from other universes/dimensions. Beyond that, I don't really have much to add to any of that. I don't know what the hell is going on there. Why is it so damned difficult for others to admit that they, too, are at a loss for why these things occur and what they mean to all of us?

Above all, what does all this mean not just to humanity, but to life on Earth as a whole, to Earth's biosphere, and to Earth's long, long evolutionary reaching for the stars? Among other things, a picture of an illustration from Dougal Dixon's The New Dinosaurs showing what a "dinosaur man" might have looked like if the dinosaurs never died out and one branch of them came to occupy humanity's current niche among mammals was included in one of the presentations to show what am "alien Grey" looked like. Oh, come on! Yeah, you can claim Fair Use of that illustration, but it would have been nice if you had properly credited its source and what it really was supposed to show -- and even nicer if you hadn't misrepresented it as some sort of extraterrestrial or Fair Folk alien. Plagiarism is not nice, no matter who does it. If you're going to do that sort of thing, do NOT try to take the moral high ground, judging your own country guilty of terrible crimes and yourself and your colleagues innocent of all blame for anything.

These are just some of the reasons that the whole UFO/contactee business makes me so uneasy. I must agree with the gentleman in the videos that the New Agers and their unbearably diabetic sweetness-and-light approach to the subject is inexcusably rancid, that they play their blame-the-victim/you-cause-everything-that-happens-to-you games with so much fervor that you have to wonder what evils they themselves have committed and are trying to cover up in this way, and that not all of their crystals and homeopathic tinctures and antivaccine stances are going to help anyone get to the bottom of anything. Points for you, sir. But where are the scientists and engineers that should be consulted to help get at what's really going on with all this, especially the life scientists, such as biologists, ecologists, and the rest? The massive holes in the UFO/contactee community's approach to the phenomenon make me just as uneasy as the US government's denials about it and the New Age/occult jackasses windbagging about it.

Please, somebody, let's go sane.

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Feb. 27th, 2016 04:21 am (UTC)
I don't believe that UFOs are from other systems/galaxies/universes. I believe they are products of the U.S. Govt -- either stuff like weather balloons or stealth top secret projects.

I do believe we have had visitors from other worlds, but they have been sent by a supreme being for a specific purpose (enlightenment, instruction, warnings, or to prevent evil).
Feb. 29th, 2016 01:07 am (UTC)
My late friend Gary was in Air Force Intelligence, where he translated foreign-language materials for AFI and the CIA. He was a superb linguist, and a trained astronomer )specialty: celestial mechanics). He and several of his colleagues in the Air Force were reassigned to Project Aurora, which had to do with examination and analysis of something huge that went down off the coast of Spain, into the Atlantic, was salvaged by NATO, and brought back to the US for study and analysis. Aboard it was found what was for all the world a manual of operations. Gary and others were assigned to try to translate the thing into English and other Earthly languages, and by the time he left the project they had actually made some headway. This was a real, spacegoing craft. I asked him what sort of creatures might have been aboard it. He thought about it for a while, then said, judging from the furnishings, "like nothing that has ever existed on Earth." I think that's an exaggeration, particularly if you allow for microscopic creatures from the oceans, ponds, etc., but certainly they weren't like us or other mammals or reptiles, fish, amphibians, etc.

The observable universe alone is about 96 billion light-years across (and could even be infinite in extent), and around 13.7 billion years old, and there might well be an infinity of universes. Anything goes in such a universe, including star-hopping, real, biological beings of all kinds. And some of have visited Earth during her 4.5 billion-year tenure, if only to check out her peculiar atmospheric oxygen signature, a hallmark of the presence of photosynthesizing life.

But we've also been "visited" by the Fey, a.k.a. the Siddhe (pronounced "Shay"), the Fairies Under the Hill, the Fair-Folk, some of the meanest and scariest creatures you can imagine. They are real, they are evil, and they are utter jerks. Just as there is real, substantive human evil in the world, so there are other kinds of evil in it, and the Siddhe are exemplars of it. Whatever the spacegoing types are, they are comprehensible. The Siddhe are no more comprehensible than the motives of psychopaths -- and their behavior strongly hints that that's exactly what they are.

Two different types of visitors, which virtually certainly have nothing to do with each other.

As for the US government, why stop there? How about the Chinese government, the Soviet government (now the Russians), the Iranian government, and so on ad infinitum ad nauseam? The US government is not the only one that has ever played around with things, nor the worst, and it won't be the last. Even so, when it comes to sheer evil, the Siddhe, of which we have reports going back at least a millennium, have all of them beat. We humans think we are so smart, so accomplished, so powerful. Tell that to a drunken bull elephant stomping on your head, or Yersinia pestis as it roars through your lymphatic system, or the smallpox virus, or any of an endless number of other purely terrestrial, mundane baddies. We think we are so cool. Yeah, right.
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