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You know, it never helps your cause to insult the very people whose claims are in opposition to whatever ideas you are pushing. For months I've been posting links to articles about GMOs, explaining in other posts why I want nothing to do with GMOs and how dangerous they are for people and other living creatures, and citing many sources to back up my claims. And most of the time it gets me are insults and sneers.

All of you who are sneering at me in comments on these posts use one sole source for your own claims: Snopes.com. Snopes has been caught any number of times putting up erroneous information or even, perhaps, disinformation. They are not scientists, and they do tend to take others' word for granted without checking it out. And you never check out the sources I cite, nor anything else. You just take the word of Monsanto, other GMO companies, and Snopes for granted -- which is setting the fox to guard the hen house.

Your own health and that of your children and other loved ones are at stake here -- and you don't care. You compare those of us who do care to the idiots who perpetrated all those conspiracy theories about 9/11. You refuse to eat any organic food, which tastes wonderful -- whereas GMO food has no taste at all, or a bad taste, before they add flavorings to it and process all the life out of it. You refuse to check out the sources I cite, saying "I don't have to -- I already know enough about it," which, generally, is Monsanto's word for it.

Monsanto's own in-house scientists have told their executives that GMO food isn't safe, that GMO cops can have devastating ecological effects, that there has been a vast rise in many different serious medical conditions such as diabetes and cancer since GMO foods first came on the market in 1996, and many other drawbacks associated with GMO products. Monsanto doesn't care. What they do care about is bad PR -- and now they are spending a great deal of money to try to convince the public that anyone who is concerned about his or her health and that of his/her children and eats only traditionally farmed or organic food is mentally ill. They and numerous other giant corporations, including Starbucks, Michelena, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and many others are now suing the state of Vermont to try to force them a repeal a GMO labeling law that the people of that state wanted and voted for. Why? Why do such companies want to make it impossible to know what's in our food, taking away that most fundamental, primordial right, the right to know what we're eating and make intelligent decisions about it? If they didn't have plenty to hide, they wouldn't do this.

I strongly suggest that you read Claire Hope Cummings' Uncertain Peril: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Seeds. She goes into great detail about the subject, cites all her sources, and provides a solid overview of the subject. Check out her sources, too. And look for reviews of the book on the Internet. It's a good introduction to the subject by someone who is an expert on it.

And for heaven's sake, don't do your best to alienate me by insulting me and my intelligence. I've been researching this subject for months -- and comparing the taste of GMO foods with that of organic and traditionally farmed foods, as a result of which I find that the former come in at a very poor second to the latter. Snopes.com is a poor source of information -- and there is no guarantee that they haven't been bribed by the GMO corporations to say that "there is nothing to the rumors that GMO products are unsafe for consumption and ecologically dangerous."

As for remarks by many scientists to the effect that rejection of GMO foods is based on "scientific ignorance and neurotic superstition," check out the credentials of those scientists. They are almost always experts in fields far removed from biochemistry, medical science, agronomy, biology, and ecology, and so narrowly specialized in their own fields that they haven't they faintest idea of what's really going on with GMO crops and products. They also fail to answer the questions "Why does GMO produce taste like nothing?" and "Why is Monsanto trying to force us to give up our primordial right to know what's in our food? What is Monsanto hiding?" They see or hear the words "science" and "scientific," which Monsanto's PR experts -- but not their own in-house scientists -- throw around a lot when discussing GMO crops and products, and have a knee-jerk reaction to them along the lines of "Science and GMO good, laymen and organic food/traditionally farmed food bad." If people claim to be scientists, promoting products that are "scientific," these other scientists take their word for it and never, ever check out those claims. Neil de Grasse Tyson, an astrophysicist, guilty of this! He isn't being scientific himself in this matter. Nor does he stop to think that companies trying to dictate to us what we are allowed to eat and what not, trying to shame us into doing what they want and never, ever letting the public see the real results of independent testing of their products and testing by their own in-house scientists of those products, have to be con-artists and worse.

Okay, you can lie down for Monsanto, eat their products as dictated to you, and believe the rest of us are crazy for eating non-GMO foods. But don't expect the rest of us to do so just on your say-so. And stop insulting us and our intelligence and our emotional health. You should be ashamed of yourselves -- though I seriously doubt you will be.


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Mar. 31st, 2015 02:09 am (UTC)
"Snopes has been caught any number of times putting up erroneous information or even, perhaps, disinformation."
Yep. Snopes is not a reliable source.
Apr. 3rd, 2015 01:26 am (UTC)
Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I've been feeling lostin a wilderness filled with sheep -- you are proof that there are goats like me around here that aren't dedicatedly stupid. :-) Against, thank you!
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