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"Grammar Nazi" my ass!

To all linguistically challenged astrologers, Magickians, etc. out there who call me a "grammar Nazi":

"Conjuncted" is not an English or any other language's word. The proper form is "conjoined." "Conjunct" comes from the Latin "conjunctio," which means "to conjoin, to bring together."

"Conjunction," "sextile," "square," "trine," "opposition," etc. are not verbs. However, we use "conjoined" or "conjoins," "sextiled" or "sextiles," "squared" or "squares," "trined" or "trines," "opposed" or "opposes," etc. to describe what happens when one heavenly body or other significant point in a chart makes such aspects, past or present, with another one, because there aren't really better alternatives to those. But do remember to use the verb-forms "opposes" or "opposed" as appropriate given the past or present you are describing rather than "oppositions" or "oppositioned." At least the great majority of us know what "opposes" and "opposed" means -- we use these all the timee, though not necessarily in the context of astrology. So we should use those two verb-forms as appropriate to describe past and present oppositions, not "oppositions" or "oppositioned," which mark one as a buffon, linguistically speaking. The same goes for "occultation," a condition in which a closer and/or larger body temporarily completely obscures the sight of a smaller and/or smaller body. (E.g., Luna occults Jupiter, Venus occults this or that star," etc. [etc. = et cetera," Latin for "and so on."].) The verb-forms taken from "occultation" are "occults," "occulted," "will have occulted," etc., NOT "occulteded" and similar horrors.

And please try to spell astrological terms correctly. Maybe you don't give a damn about grammar, vocabulary, etc, but the rest of us do, just as we care about what someone is trying to communicate to us via writing or the spoken word.

An appreciation of one's mother tongue, or any other, doesn't make one a "grammar Nazi." Maladaptive and inept uses of the language have an effect on those who do care about it like demons' fingernails down a cosmic blackboard. Further, language is for communication. Its improper use makes for misunderstandings and can even make entire sentences, paragraphs, etc. so incoherent that they don't make any sense at al. Obviously, you (you know who you are!) DON'T care about the written language and don't care whether you communicate or not. You don't care about whether you have an appropriate vocabulary for discussing various subjects, e.g. (ex gratio, "for example"; "i.e." comes from the Latin "id est," meaning "it is" or "that is to say," and has to do with a specific subject and some aspect of it, not one or more examples) astrology, etc.

Thank you. :-/


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