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You know, it would explain a lot if companies such as Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, and all their subsidiaries and allies turned out to be run and managed entirely by computers. These companies have been losing money for some time as people find out just how bad for people and other creatures their products and impact on the world are, and vote with their wallets, deserting them. How do those companies try to remedy that? By inssuing "reports" and "bulletins" and "ads" claiming that those who are concerned about their health, choose their foods on the basis of the way those foods affect their health, avoid GMO foods and other foods or substances that are bad from them, and choose to eat organic and traditionally farmed foods are "mentally ill," especially those who want their children to eat organic foods. They thereby seeply insult their potential customers, driving more abd more of them away, and losing still more money. What do they do about lost profits? They continue to do the same old asinine things over and over by way of trying to get profits back up.

Computers do EXACTLY what you program them to do: no more, no less, no other. If you don't program them correctly, or give them bad data, or both, in doing what they were designed to do they will churn out one bad answer or solution after another, and can't do anything else until somebody gets in there and changes the programming and feeds them useful data that they can process properly.

That's precisely the sort of thing those companies -- and the oil companies -- do. The same old things over and over. The more they don't work, the more those companies continue to do them, and the more they alienate the public from them, causing greater and greater declines in profits.

In human beings, this would be insanity. In computers, and businesses run by them, it's par for the course. Combine accountants and attorneys with the computers and it gets worse and worse and worse for those companies -- and makes them keep on doing the same old things, over and over and over. Next they will try to acquire thermonuclear devices so they can threaten the public with all-out thermonuclear war if the public refuses to buy and consume their stuff. That humans take orders from computers isn't as weird as it sounds -- if they don't realize that that is what they are doing, letting computers decide company policies and reactions to public rejection of their products.

It's even worse if computers are giving the orders as middle management as well as top management, and again the attorneys and accountants infinitely compound the damage to those companies. No matter how much propaganda those companies churn out, they base it on the ideas that the computers have on human psychology, and it has exactly the opposite effect that they were hoping for.

It's the same way with the oil companies, and many others. That computers are behind it all would certainly explain things. Not that the computers are evil or anything like that, but rather that they are being asked to do things that they are not at all suited for, and that human beings who at least have an instinctive understanding of other humans are not at the helm making the decisions and taking responsibility for them.

As for those screaming "Global warming is a fraud!" and "Pollution is good for you and anyone who doesn't agree is a Commiesymp!" and "GMO foods are good for you and anyone who doesn't agree is mentally ill," they are doing the same damn things those computers are doing. Proud of yourselves, idiots?


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