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Please read this and share -- it may help others to avoid being rooked by iUniverse.com (http://www.iuniverse.com). I'll be 70 on March 20th, am desperately poor, and this I didn't need *at all*. These corporations think that they can do this to the "little people," the poor, the powerless, those who are not famous and have no connections with powerful people. Well, I'm doing my best to change iUniverse's mind about that. I just filed the following complaint with the Federal Trade Commission online (www.ftc.gov), and I hope to frighten iUniverse out of its socks. Things came up in the search engine about iUniverse, a self-publishing company now owned by Random House, complaints by customers about not getting what they paid for and similar things, so their hands are not clean and this could in fact shake them up, if not actually get them fined or something. I don't know what else to do, though I will try finding the address of Judge Judy online and asking her, too, and if nothing else, I will try getting a court-appointed attorney to help me fight this out and get back from iUniverse the $1,329 they owe me (for more on which, see below). If anyone out there knows how I should go about getting a court-appointed attorney here in Seattle/King County/WA State, or how to contact Judge Judy, PLEASE let me know! Thanks, Yael Dragwyla

To the FTC:

Since 2007, I have published 6 novels with iUniverse.com. In 2014, someone called me from iUniverse and asked if I would like to purchase a publicity package -- a service, not merchandise -- to market one of those books, DRAGON DRIVE Volume I Book 1 -- for me. I did go for that package, and paid for it with a credit-card on US Bank. Later in the year, they called me up again and asked if I would like to purchase a second publicity package, a different service, and at first it sounded good. But I am on SSI, Housing Authority covers most of my rent, and I'm on Food Stamps, and obviously very poor. So I called them back and asked them to cancel that package. The young man I talked with -- I think his name was Marcus -- finally agreed to cancel it. He did not give me a cancellation number at the time, and I did not realize I should have asked for one. Apparently he didn't tell their financial department that I wanted to cancel, because they billed me for that second package in three installments on that credit-card, the first for $463, the second for %433, and the third for $433. I finally discovered those on that card account around January of this year, and was horrified. I called US Bank Card Services and filed a dispute with them. They have now said that as I have no cancellation number, I therefore have no proof this happened, and if I can't get that number or get iUniverse to charge back the card, crediting it for those amounts, there is no remedy. So I got lied to by iUniverse, and they have taken $1,329 from me by false pretenses. I called and left one of their representatives a message to have somebody at iUniverse call me back and dsee if I can get some justice, but that will have to wait for morning. In the meantime, my credit-card interest and payments are now so large that I'm going to be starving -- my rent got raised by Housing Authority, what little income beyond SSI and so on has dried up, and I don't have the resources to survive now. And to add insult to injury I've gotten two calls from them since this started trying to sell me still a third and fourth publicity package that I can't afford, that I told them I can't afford, that I don't want and can't pay for. I told them I literally CANNOT pay for those nor for the one they billed me for in those three installments for a total of $1,329, and I really don't think they get the message. If I have to, I will get a court-appointed attorney and do whatever I can to get that money taken off my account. I've never seen any results from that first publicity package, which I did willingly pay for, nor this second, unwanted one, nor any merchandise from them. I have been rooked by these people, and as they are a big, established company, they know they can get away with it, or, at least, assume they can. Please help me. I have no idea where else to turn other than a court-appointed attorney or maybe Judge Judy. (If you need additional information about the charges, US Bank's address and phone number are PO Box 6335, Fargo, ND 58125-6335; phone 800-260-8469. Their case number for this is 2493913JAN15.) iUniverse is de facto guilty of identity theft from me, using my card number to bill me for something I did not want and tried to cancel, whether or not they are guilty of it de jure. Please, please help me!


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