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I really don't like Fifty Shades of Grey, for many of the same reasons the author of this article loathes it. She and I have different religions, but the safety and well-being of our daughters, not to mention our sons, is all-important to both of us and to the many who responded positively to her earlier articles on the subject. Minors shouldn't see this film at all, but you know that kids will sneak in to see movies that are verboten, meant only for adults. And when it comes out on DVD, it's going to be seen by lots more, including little children who watch it on HBO (having learned to get around the parental-control locks to do so) or on DVDs the parents don't realize have been sneaked out of the adults' bedroom for watching on the child's own television/monitor or computer.

Fifty Shades of Grey has to do with a sick, sick, highly abusive and cruel relationship between a sexually attractive man and an equally sexually attractive woman. Now, I don't know how other women think of it, but the idea of being stark naked and tied up in the same room as a man with a whip, who is willing to do all sorts of painful and humiliating things to me, does just one thing to me: GET OUT OF THOSE CHAINS, USE THEM TO KNOCK THE GUY OUT, KUSARI-FUNNDO STYLE, AND RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!! Any woman who finds that sort of thing a turn-on is, well, entitled to go to hell in her own way. But she is most certainly not entitled to encourage her underage daughters to get involved in such a thing and become the prey of highly skilled, seductive, charming, conscienceless, psychopathic bastards. (Am I bigoted against predatory psychopaths? You bet!)

Yell and scream "Prude!" and "Prejudiced!" and "Busybody!" at me if you like; but whether you need to read the article linked above, your daughters -- and everyone's daughters -- desperately need to, for their own protection. They need to be armed with understanding and shielded with wisdom to be able to decide on their own whether they want such things to be part of their lives. And the author of this article has some pertinent thing to say about the subject.


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