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Strange dreams

This morning and the morning of yesterday, I had two very strange luminous dreams. I have no idea what they were about; if you, dear reader, do have such an idea, please let me know.

In Dream #1, during the morning of yesterday, November 2, 2014, I dreamed that my twin brother, who died at six months old (long story), reached up and took my hand in his. When he did, he turned into someone I know of who is now four years younger than I am and works as a professor at the University of Washington and has an office in NASA. It was a very intense dream -- I could feel his hand grasping mine as if he really were alive and next to me right there. It wasn't a bad dream, just strange. I don't remember what preceded it, and I woke up at the point he turned into this grown man, so I have no idea what might have come next.

In Dream #2, which took place this morning, I was with some people in a building that overlooked the ocean. From the floor we were on, we could see the beach and well out to sea. And while I was looking out at the ocean, I saw what might have been a swimmer there suddenly plummet underwater, and great dark brown and black tentacles rose up out of the water, waving around as if hunting for something. So the people with me in that room and I immediately dropped down below the level of the window and crawled behind the furniture and otherwise made sure we couldn't be seen from outside. As we waited in fear, hoping we could eventually come out safely, someone or something HUGE walked along the catwalk outside our apartment, right by our window, and kept going, not seeing us. I got an impression of somebody about 6'8", blond, strongly muscled but with a beer-gut and an IQ somewhat less than the number of his teeth from his or its passage by the window, but didn't try to follow up on that. We were all absolutely terrified of being spotted by whatever monsters were out there. It was so quiet, so very quiet, as if most humans had vaporized and only a small remant was left, and it was very Lovecraftian. But two of the young men I was with began to make it clear they found me attractive, and I didn't feel my age and didn't look it, so that was one good thing. As for what came before that, I can't remember. And again, as with Dream #1, I woke up at that point, so I don't know what might have come next.

Any ideas as to what this all means?


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