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Video: Obama slams stay-at-home moms


Telling this to those women who choose to stay home and raised their kids denigrates them, their children, and the priceless work of giving one's children all their time and attention. Any President of this country who says such things to the women of America should be thrown out of office. Women -- nor men, either -- are not mere cogs in economic machines. There are women who would do extremely well in a career, especially those who get degrees in engineering and the sciences. But most women want to have children, and once into this world, those children need their mothers. Necessity may drive women into the workforce, but then a good deal of the money they earn goes to daycare and then nursery schools, and in many cases the work just isn't worth it. Those women who choose to stay home and take care of their children the way most women always have aren't "drains on the economy," they're heroes, as they've always been to their children and husbands. Today people seem to despise homemaking and cooking, maybe because they've never lived in a well-kept home, eating excellent meals often made from vegetables and fruits grown right in the gardens next to or behind their dwelling-places. If so, they've missed something very good -- something that women have been providing since there first were women.

Obama, you're no asset to this country. Have the decency to step down and let some other, far better qualified individual ascend to the presidency.


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Nov. 2nd, 2014 02:43 am (UTC)
The real war on women.
Nov. 2nd, 2014 03:54 am (UTC)
Yes. If a woman wants to stay home with her kids and be a housewife and mother, that is her choice. It used to be that it was nearly all the choice women had, and those that didn't marry had only a few possible career options -- nannies, prostitution, and seamstresses. But now there are a huge number of career options available to women (though I grant you, in this economy their career options are a lot more limited than they were before 2008, say). So women have a real choice to make about that, which is what true feminism was all about. Then the damn Leftards, as they so often have with other things, stole feminism, gave it a Marxist ideology, and used it to convince young women that their best choice in life is to be used up and thrown away by the Left. No longer is it a matter of equal pay for equal work and equal justice before the law. Now it's become "You owe everything to the Party, and in return you must not have children, must not love anyone, regardless of type of relationship or gender, and must do what the Party demands of you for the rest of your life." You can see where Obama is coming from in what he says to women in this video. PLEASE, GOD, STRIKE THE BASTARD WITH LIGHTNING, AND BIDEN WITH HIM, AND LET THE NEXT PRESIDENT AND HIS ADMINISTRATION LOVE THIS COUNTRY AND ITS PEOPLE AND DO ALL IN HIS/HER POWER TO RESTORE THIS COUNTRY TO ITS FORMER GLORY!!!
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