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iUniverse.com, with which my literary collaborators and I have so far published six novels, is conducting a publicity campaign for those books. They have also asked me to let other people know about the books so they can try at least one and see if they like it. It will help keep our books in the iUniverse online bookstore and on amazon.com if people buy them. We think many people would really enjoy reading those books. We had never been able to afford to have iUniverse market them before now, which is why nobody has heard of them. Please, if you like alternate-history science fiction, buy one of our novels on iUniverse.com. They are Dragon Drive, Volume I, Books 1-6.

What are they about? On a dying Earth, in a mountain fortress on the western slopes of the San Gabriel Mountains of Southern California, a thriving city of some 10,000 survivors of a limited nuclear war and sustained environmental collapse due to egregious pollution and introduction of too many constructs -- GMO animals, plants, fungi, and other creatures -- into the wild fight to maintain their toehold on the present -- and secure a future for the generations to come. Led by visionary, valorous, and charismatic leaders -- Governor Steve Yeats of New California, the mysterious Admiral Resh of the former US fleet, Los Angeles County CEO Monty Eisenstein and his wife, Hannah, the quiet genius Bill Hamieson and his beautiful and equally brilliant wife, Rachel, and hundreds of others like them -- the people of Diablo Keep, refusing to succumb to the near-universal despair that has engulfed the world -- each for the stars -- and damn the consequences! While physicist Ian Turnbull and his stellar apprentice, Leroy Eisenstein, the Eisensteins' adopted son and Diablo Keep's most gifted paranormal Talent, struggle to find the bridge to the stars for all Earth's children, and the Eisensteins, the Jamiesons, and their allies struggle to keep this greatest of keeps alive long enough to accomplish that goal of goals, sinister forces conspire to defeat them all. Which will win: Life -- or utter Extinction?

If this sounds of interest to you, go to http://www.iuniverse.com, click on their bookstore tab, and enter "Dragon Drive" in their search engine. If the book you want doesn't show, call iUniverse at 1-800-288-4677 and arrange a purchase with their staff. The six novels of Dragon Drive so far published -- Books 1-6 of Volume I -- are: Book 1, Catastrophe; Book 2, Recovery; Book 3, A Time for War; Book 4, A Hole in Time; Book 5, Loose Ends I; and Book 6, Loose Ends 2. Book 7, Loose Ends III, is written but not yet published, as is Book 1 of Volume II, Dragon From the Void. If we can get enough income to publish those, or find a commercial publisher to carry the books, then we can get those two novels published, too.

So please, give us a try. We -- my collaborators and I -- think you'll like our novels. (BTW, the name given on the books for the author is Wayne Dwight Richards. We picked that to represent all three of us, but it is not any of our names. So the author's name you want to put in the search engine is "Wayne Dwight Richards; our names can't be accessed by the search engine, just our pen-name and the titles of the books.)

Thank you very much, and G-d bless. And may the coming holidays be bright, prosperous, and bountiful for you and your families.


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