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Author says: "I have a hard time watching this and not getting terribly angry. Those 123 young women and 23 men who died in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire on March 25, 1911, deserve to be remembered. But we're watching it happen all over again in developing countries that supply Walmart, Gap, and other marketing and retail giants. Sorry/not sorry, I’m mad as hell, and I wish we could live in a world where we didn’t have to take this anymore. . . ."

Warning: some violent images.

Gigantic corporations such as Walmart, The Gap, Monsanto, Coca-Cola, and so on think they are immune from prosecution for crimes they commit, and regard the public as insignificant peons who aren't worth listening to, and are far too weak and helpless to be able to fight back when those corporations run roughshod over their rights, destroy their lives, and destroy their worlds. Here in America we have a number of ways to defend ourselves from those corporations when they ride roughshod over us, the economy, the Constitution, and our way of life, but man other countries aren't so lucky. I believe in free enterprise and Adam Smith-type capitalism, but I don't believe these corporations have the right to expose their workers to extreme danger or shortchange their families when it comes to compensation for the lives lost due to those corporations' cavalier and heartless treatment of those workers who are injured, maimed, or killed in doing their jobs. This video isn't about Socialism. It's about a nasty underside of the world economy and should be changed NOW. Please watch this video and make up your own minds as to what you should do about it. Remember: this sort of maltreatment of workers can spread across the world the way that fire can spread through a forest soaked in gasoline. These corporations are less concerned with the bottom line of earnings than they are in power and, ultimately, infiltration of all our countries' governments and, slowly but surely, taking them over and gain absolute hegemony over us all by shoving us down into the mud and standing on our collective necks. Defending their "right" to do such a thing is to guarantee that ultimately that "right" will lead to the downfall of us all. These corporations are out-of-control monsters, much more like cancers on the economy than institutions that are organic parts of the countries in which they are located than they are good neighbors and desirable members of local economies. Don't lose a healthy suspicion of any company that big, wealthy, and powerful regardless of which country or countries they operate in.


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