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"I’m not an microbiologist or epidemiologist, but as some of my readers are aware, I did work for many years under a few of the most renowned infectious disease experts (microbiologists, immunologists, and epidemiologists) on the planet. As such, I picked up a lot – and what I picked up makes me more alarmed than most Americans at what I am seeing with regard to the procedures and precautions being used to protect Americans from the Ebola virus here and abroad – as well as how it came to be a threat to America in the first place.

"As widely reported, the first patient to break [out] with Ebola in the U.S., Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian visiting family in Dallas, Texas, died this week. Half a dozen more Westerners are being observed for possible symptoms of Ebola; this does not count the hundred or more in Texas being observed whom Duncan may have infected directly or indirectly. . . ."

I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss this article as "alarmist." As Bertrand Russell said to someone who complained that he was "yelling 'Fire!' in a crowded theater," I rather believe the author of this article is crying "Water!" in a burning one. I do believe the mainstreadm media are trying to keep the public from panicking, a commendable goal, by downplaying as much of the Ebola crisis as possible. But if, as it often happens, Mother Nature has other ideas, we need to be as well-informed about this disease and possible treatments of it as possible.

All I have to offer when it comes to the latter is oxygen therapy, ascorbate therapy, the use of silver as an antimicrobial medication, and medical benefits of garlic for long-term supportive care of persons with infectious diseases; but I'm sure there must be a great deal more useful information along those lines out there. Me, if I have to choose, I'll go with oxygen therapy. You can get food-grade hydrogen peroxide (35% H2O2 in distilled water, no additives; the stuff in the brown bottles fromo the drugstore are 3% H2O2 and loaded with additives you do NOT want to ingest) from any good health-food store. I recommend GNC.com and SuperSup.com.

For getting rid of a cold, start with 3 drops of the hydrogen peroxide solution in water, juice, or milk three times daily. The next day, go up to 4 drops taken three times per day. And so on up to 25 drops taken three times daily. Stay at that level for six weeks. Then start back down with 24 drops three times daily, 23 drops three times daily, and so on back down to three drops taken three times daily. For the flue, be somewhat more aggressive -- start with 5 drops taken three times daily, on up to 25 drops three times daily, and so on. If you think you have been exposed to Ebola, however, start with at lwast 10-12 drops three times daily and go on up to 25, then plateau there for at least 8 weeks. Then start back down, but slowly, prepared to go up again if symptoms come back.

Be sure to secure your food-grade hydrogen peroxide before everyone else gets the idea and clears the shelves in the health-food stores. Maybe pick up a bottle or two of 1-gram tablets of vitamin C compounded with rose hips and acerola. Then stop by the supermarket and pick up plenty of garlic. You can always use up the garlic as a condiment, and Vitamin C and food-grade hydrogen peroxide are always good for colds and other viral and bacterial conditions.

Anyway, maybe it will all turn out roses. Just in case, though, try to stay on top of it, stocked up with those helpful nostrums.


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