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When asked to explain why the new Age of Aquarius is so horrible, rather than being replete with sweetness-and-light and all that good stuff, New Agers "explain" that it's still the Age of Pisces, that the Vernal Coleur (the point in the sky occupied by the Sun at the first moment of Spring) has not yet advanced all the way back through Pisces to enter Aquarius. "It's those awful old Pisces bad vibes that are responsible for all the horror."

Yeah, right.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, while Pisces is ruled by Neptune. Neptune rules travel by water, the Element Water, the chemical element neptunium, hidden things, hidden evils, mysticism, hospitals, retreats, religion as a way to try to heal the evils in the world, prayer, faith, navies of all kinds, the oceans, earthquakes, the number 40; the Key Number 23; and the bounty of the seas.

Uranus, on the other hand, rules mass movements such as Communism and Socialism; violent revolution; liberty, but also libertinism, not to mention those for whom "liberty" means "*my* liberty to do anything I want to anyone or anything, without let or hindrance" (sound familiar?); ruthless tyrants and dictators; weird sex; sexual abuse of children (also ruled by Neptune); the atmosphere, and any changes in it; space travel; cutting-edge science and technology; the computer revolution and computer technology, along with the information superhighway and the Internet; air travel; airliners, jets, etc.; chaos (as in chaos science and chaos mathematics, but also chaos in the conventional sense); the Element Air (if you're curious, Saturn rules the Element of Earth, and Pluto rules Fire); advances in technology so profound and rapid that they occur faster than people can adjust to them and their influence; ecological damage and destruction; radioactivity; uranium; alternative methods of doing anything of any importance; mutations; GMO technology; attempts at takeover of whole countries; the USA; native Americans; science fiction; the numbers 11 and 111; the Key Number 11; and so on.

Tell me:which set of associations seems more typical of the times between 1904 and now, 110 years later. Which has more to do with the violent revolutions, egregious technological advances, ecological damage, scientific advances, and all the rest of these times?

Aleister Crowley published his Liber AL (The Book of the Law) just after April 10, 1904, and claimed the new Aeon of Horus/Age of Aquarius had thereby been initiated. Looks as if he was right. I'm not saying that every word in THE BOOK OF THE LAW IS TRUE, or that it was complete and utterly accurate prophecy, but rather that it has allowed people to see through a glass darkly the strange future that followed that first publication, as if one were looking straight at a fuzzy future, but catching glimpses of things that came to pass within 80-90 years of 1904 that nobody expected back then, such as the Internet, the Bomb, the exploration of space, the first attempts to colonize space, and all the rest of the things we've lived through since around 1914.

And what we're seeing ain't Pisces, folks. It's Aquarius and Uranus, in all their scary splendor. Not the fabled "Age of Aquarius" in which all is Piscean sweetness and light, but rather the wondrous, exciting, destructive, unexpected, and anthropogenic (remember: Uranus and Aquarius are associated with humans, the ruler and sign of humanity and the human footprint on this Earth) wild ride that recent and modern history really have been, and promise to continue if we don't destroy our own species and world with our weird technologies and nasty politics. The Age of Pisces, in spite of its horrors, was also a time of honor, mysticism, religion, unselfish love, hope (at least the hope of Heaven), great artistic and literary accomplishments, and so much else. What will we make of this new age of Aquarius? Life -- or death? To decide, we have to face up to what this time and the next 2,050 years or so are likely to bring, before we enter the age of Capricorn and all the rules change,

If you're not a New Ager, don't worry about it. But New Agers need to bone up on history and reality if they want to understand what's happening -- and survive it. Along with coining pseudowords such as "conjucted" and "conjucting" (referring to astrological conjunctions, the word for which is taken from the Latin verb-form conjunctio, meaning "to coinjoin, to bring together), creations which simply SCREAM "THESE IDIOTS ARE FUNCTIONALLY ILLITERATE IGNORANTI!!!, they also seem to have no understanding or knowledge of history, human ecology, human evolution, evolution in general, nuclear physics, and computer science, all part and parcel of our times, all ruled by Uranus and Aquarius. Sure, Aquarius also rules friendship and friends, associates, colleagues, and adoptions/adoptive parents/adopted children, but these are awash in a relentless sea of all the other, often terrifying associations with Uranus and Aquarius.

Those who do not learn the lessons of history are bound to repeat them. So brush up on your history and your astrology and Qabbala, and take a good, hard look at what we're going to be trying to survive for the next 2+ millennia.


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