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The ranking Republican on the Armed Services Committee in the U.S. Senate is warning that ISIS terrorists, those who this week beheaded an American journalist, are trying to develop the capability of blowing up an entire American city.


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Aug. 24th, 2014 09:56 am (UTC)
... and we still don't take them seriously. We assume that their actions will magically remain confined to the Mideast, despite the fact that Al Qaeda's didn't, and despite the fact that many of the ISIS combatants came there from Western countries. This is a triumph of wishful thinking over reason, with Obama -- asleep at the helm and possibly an outright traitor -- leading the inaction.
Aug. 25th, 2014 12:14 am (UTC)
Yes. The bastards might try to pull off an all-out catastrophe on 9/11/2014, a terrifying possibility.

In the meantime, I get constantly lectured by various people that I'm paranoid; that ISIS (or whatever they call themselves now) only has "a few thousand members" and is therefore incapable of pulling off a major terrorist attack; that very few of them could slip into this country over the USA/Mexico border, hence not nearly enough of them could to do us any damage; etc. etc. ad nauseam. I've pointed out to them again and again how porous our borders are now; that two or a few men could drive a truck painted to look like a Safeway truck or something of the kind from Mexico into the states, park it near or next to the place they want to target, set a timer, and walk away -- the H-bomb or radioogically dirty bomb in the truck going off after they are well away from the area; that there are one hell of a lot of sympathizers who think that ISIS is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and will do everything they can to help ISIS realize its goals; and so on and on and on. Nobody gets it. I end up shouting into the wind, crying into the fog.

Monsanto products mmay have something to do with how stupid Americans have become in the last 15-20 years: Monsanto crops and garden plants produce toxin in every part of the plant, ostensibily to combat insect pests, but in fact murdering pollinators, cross-pollinating with wild plants (weeds, etc.) and dominating more and more of our wildlands, and, as we eat Monsanto products over the years, lay down a cumulative residue that has been shown to be associated with greatly increased rates of cancer, cardiac disease, kidney failure, liver disease, serious birth defects, and a host of other serious and often deadly conditions. The Obama administration is apparently backing them by doing what it can to keep the states from passing honest GMO labelling laws. Do the pesticide residues in Monsanto plants, ingested by human beings, cause early Alzheimer's, strokes, and other brain-related conditions that could help explain why Americans have been getting stupider and stupider over the last twenty years?

Whatever the reason, Americans have been getting stupider and sstupider over the last two decades, and a clear example is their refusal to consider ISIS a serious threat to this country and its people.
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