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The idiots described in this article who are so upset at Stephen Spielberg for killing a Triceratops should be ashamed of themselves. The last Triceratops died out about 66 million years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous Period of the Mesozoic Era, thanks to a huge meteorite strike in the ocean located in the area that is now home to the Yucatan peninsula -- an event that put paid permanently to the non-avian dinosaurs. And there are no such things as time machines. Therefore no one could possibly have gone back 66 million years, captured a Triceratops, and brought it forward to our time to be killed by Spielberg or anyone else.

The photograph is a *joke*, people! It features Spielberg and a prop -- an artifact that was never a living creature -- from the movie Jurassic Park. What has happened to your common sense, anyway? (Dare one ask? Shudder . . .)


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Jul. 13th, 2014 04:05 am (UTC)
Yeah, those people are total idiots! Amazing!
Jul. 13th, 2014 11:18 pm (UTC)
It's possible that some of those comments were meant as satires of extreme "animal rights" activists. If so, they were a little too successful. But if not, then we truly have a crisis of failing intelligence among Americans.
Jul. 13th, 2014 09:25 pm (UTC)
LOL - people just have nothing real to be outraged about? Or, they want easy targets? Probably the later. You and I know there is A LOT to be outraged about these days.

This is crazy! But funny!
Jul. 13th, 2014 09:59 pm (UTC)
It is funny. But unless most of the "outraged" commenters were joking, it's also very, very depressing -- that people could be that ignorant and unthinking even as adults doesn't bode well for this country's future. How many of these commenters saw the movie or read the book (JURASSIC PARK)? And how many of those connected the premises thereof with the fact that this "Triceratops" had to be a fake, something batched up by a special effects studio? I really, really, REALLY hope that those commenters were kidding. Most of them, at least. They all sound like PETA run amok.
Jul. 14th, 2014 04:51 am (UTC)
Of course, even if they were smart enough to know it wasn't real, they're still outraged that anyone would be heartless enough to even JOKE about it.

Then there's that girl who went on African safaris (donating the proceeds of the perfectly legal hunts to local villages) who got banned from FB after all the outrage, and a totally looney tunes Democrat candidate (looney enough that the party disavows him) offered a $100,000 reward for nude pictures of her to "destroy" her.
Jul. 15th, 2014 01:02 am (UTC)
Yeah, and it gets stupider and stupider. It's depressing. {sigh}
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