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Phone Phishing Scam Alert

Attempted fraud/phishing attack alert:

This morning I got a call from people saying they represented a company named Good To Go, and that "it looks as if your account has a negative balance. You must pay now or the account will be closed, and we will be forced to send a credit agency after you. If you have already paid your account, no problem -- just ignore this warning."

The thing is, I had slept through the call. When I got up and checked my voice-messages, this was one of them. It was a looped tape, repeating the same information over and over. Unfortunately, I was then too sleepy to take down the telephone number they gave, which was an 800 number, but I did catch the name of the outfit, Good To Go.

Until then, I never had heard of the company. I tried a search engine, and what I got was WSDOT's Good To Go method of paying tolls, insurance companies with the name, and little else. I have accounts with none of these, and owe them no money.

Obviously this was a robo-call. Even more obviously, it was a phishing attempt. If I ever get a call from them again, believe me, I'll get their number, as well, and report it to Century Link and Lifelock, with both of which I have accounts.

One telltale sign this is a fraudulent operation is that I have never, ever gotten a letter from a company with that name saying that I owe them money or have an account of any kind with them. It's possible somebody could have opened an account with such a company in my name, that my identity had been stolen for that purpose. But Lifelock found nothing of the sort in the information that have about me, and it's the sort of thing they'd have pounced on at once if it had happened. And if it had happened, I'd have gotten at least one document from them saying I had such an account, what its number was, and what, if anything I owed them, whether or not a credit agency called me about it. No such letter or other document from such a company has ever been sent to me.

So this was a phishing attempt. If you get a call from a company called Good To Go saying you owe them money, write down the telephone number they give you and report it, the demand, and the name this operation goes under to your phone company and, if you think it will help, the FBI, not to mention Lifelock, if you're a member thereof. These people are frauds who will try to con money you don't owe them out of you. Warn others. I'm still debating as to whether I should report it to the FBI, which is definitely an option.

Be safe. Learn how to spot fraudulent operations of this nature.


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Jul. 12th, 2014 05:33 am (UTC)
I used to write a telemarketing blog as a job for a former boss and I wrote a lot about weird scams. they are always coming up with something... good thing you figured it out! Here:

There are a bunch there under the name "Max Volt."
Jul. 12th, 2014 08:41 pm (UTC)
I used to work for DialAmerica Marketing as a verifier, listening to tape recordings of sales to make sure they were legit. But then the general manager started ordering all of us to cut corners and downright lie to customers, and I quit because I couldn't stand it. They got closed down a little while later -- and good riddance. (They were selling subscriptions to AmericaOnline and other semi-shady things.)
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