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Does MAD have a gun to its head?

A few years ago, MAD Magazine put forth an issue on the cover of which was Alfred E. Neuman carrying a sign saying "We love^d Obama" -- i.e., they had loved Obama, but no longer. This was right after the healthcare bill passed, something they really didn't like. At that time, clearly, they no longer were happy with Obama and his administration.

Yesterday I was in Rite Aid, and happened to wander by their magazine rack. In it was one of MAD's special issues, concentraating one one thing or another, not their regular issue. It had to do with the "stupidest things that have happened over the last umpteen years." I flipped through it, wondering if I should buy it. But what I found was a whole lot of Bush-bashing and nothing about Obama, whose shenanigans eminently deserved to be in that issue. shown for what they are.

What happened? What changed the minds of the staff of MAD? Why all the Bush-bashing, with nothing about the truly stupid things that Obama and his administration have pulled? Did Eric Holder and his lackeys tell them in no uncertain terms that they had to back the regime or else? Somebody seems to have leaned on somebody. What's happened to MAD?


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Jun. 13th, 2014 11:24 pm (UTC)
The guy who ran MAD died. That's what happened.
Jun. 14th, 2014 02:48 am (UTC)
William M. Gaines, publisher of MAD Magazine, dieed in 1992. For quite a while it went along pretty much as he would have wanted it to. This is something new, and very unpleasant, and whatever the trigger was for it, it may have involved the cowing of the staff, including Annie Gaines, Bill's widow. And it must have happened in the last year or two. I'm sure they've had a gun put to their heads -- and recently.
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