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[nss_Seattle] Interstellar Item

coming this November

"...It’s been a long time since I got tears in my eyes from a movie trailer, but this one did the trick:..."Perhaps we’ve just forgotten that we are still pioneers—that we’ve barely begun"..."and that our greatest accomplishments cannot be behind us; that our destiny lies above us."...The best stories are the simplest, and behind the set and setting of Interstellar we find the outlines of an archetypical hero’s journey—at least, we see the outlines of its first act. But the fact that we’ve seen this story before makes it no less compelling—in fact, in the face of a familiar beginning, the mind leaps to form connections and fill in blanks about what is to come...But it’s Michael Caine (filling in for Nestor, perhaps?) who sagely delivers the core of the film, gift-wrapped in a sage British accent: "We’re not meant to save the world," he tells us. "We’re meant to leave it."

It’s a freeing explanation. The Earth of Interstellar cannot sustain us, and perhaps it does not even want us anymore. We must go find a new home, and to do so we must leave the cradle and sail on that ocean of black above—a wine-dark sea infinitely more vast than Homer’s Aegean. The journey will be of unknown length, and the chance of success isn’t addressed. It’s implied heavily that as a species we’re doomed if we don’t try...."

"...This cause of exploration and discovery is not an option we choose—it is a desire written in the human heart. We are that part of creation which seeks to understand all creation. We find the best among us, send them forth into unmapped darkness, and pray they will return. They go in peace for all mankind, and all mankind is in their debt...." - George W. Bush



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