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Yes, it's nearly an hour long. But whatever you have to clear from your schedule today to make time for this, I highly recommend you don't miss it. Why? It's getting brutally attacked by people who don't want you to see it.

We are destroying our living world -- all seven billion-plus of us. Way too many people are busy making money off that destruction to care. Others don't care because they can't do anything to stop it. Somehow humanity has to find the will to halt this horror and help restore health to our living world. After all, it's our life-support system. When it dies, we become extinct, and so does all the rest of Earth's lie.

We need to get into space in a big, permanent way and start collecting solar energy above the top of Earth's atmosphere, say, via solar collectors in orbit around the Sun a million or two miles sunward of Earth's orbit which can then beam the energy they collect down to Earth via lasers. We need to exploit the wealth of the Solar System, the countless megatons of nickle, iron, carbon, water, and other materials out there, ripe for the taking. We need to become a multi-planet species, not just for our own sakes, but also for those of as many other Earthly species as we can take with us.

Earth has survived five horrendous mass extinctions, not to mention the bombardments by rocks 50 kilometrs across and more during the Late Heavy Bombardment period of the Solar System. Once in place, around 4 billion years ago, Earthly life has survived everything the universe has thrown at it. But it may not survive humanity, which behaves more like bacteria than true eukaryotic organisms in the way it invades every niche and destroys and destroys and destroys. Either we change, and do so damned fast, or we will be extinct within short order. Stephen Hawking gives us a thousand years before that. I think he's an optimist.

For your children's sake, and your grandchildren's and your children's children's children's children's descendants into whatever future remains for us all, please watch this video, and think about what it has to say. No, I do not endorse the way the Left has infiltrated so many environmental movements, using them as stalking-horses to get in place to implement a complete takeover of the world that will do absolutely nothing to help our living world -- on the contrary. On the other hand, I sure as hell don't endorse self-identified right-wing groups that claim there is no problem, that climate change/global warming is only a fraud perpetrated by scientists who are conspiring to take over the world -- and are getting paid by giant corporations such as Shell Oil and the like to do so, corporations who are also doing everything they can to buy the Republican contingent of Congress. Call me independent, politically-speaking. Call me a "fence-sitter" if you will -- but don't forget what straddling those tall, sharp-pointed spikes and the razor wire on top of the fence can do, meaning that that's what I have to endure to get this message out.

The living Earth is your life-support system as much as anyone else's. Don't commit suicide by helping to destroy it -- not to mention the murder of the future by doing so.


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