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Does anyone know Howie?

Background: In 1951, When I was 6 going on 7, my adoptive parents moved from San Gabriel, California, to Pasadena, CA. They enrolled me in Frances Willard Elementary School, which was just a little east of the Eaton Canyon Wash, and a few blocks nnorth of East California Boulevard (same street on which Cal Tech is sited, except that institution is way, way west of the Wash and is on West California Boulevard). Frances Willard was across the street from Woodrow Wilson Junior High School (the street they shared was named either Madre or Sierra Madre. I lived on a lovely dead-end street, Brightside Lane, a little west of Easton Canyon Wash; it opened on the north on East California Boulevard, and the dead end was to the south. At Frances Willard I was enrolled as "Dale Dingle" or "Phyllis Dale Dingle." So much for background.

In the first grade there at Frances Willard, a boy named Howie was in my class. A handsome boy, he was always smiling and happy -- I never saw him otherwise. I liked him immensely. One day I went up to play at his place, which was a little north of the school, just within walking distancve from where I lived (in those days, kids walked a lot, mostly for much longer distances than kids today do, and did not regard it as a hardship). He and I and a few other boys played cops-'n'-robbers and other unsupervised games in the dirt there (I think his parents were having their place landscaped or something, or it could have been in a nearby vacant lot). It was idyllic and the day was full of happiness and warmth.

A continued to like him through first grade. Then he left that school -- or, anyway, I never saw him again. He was one of the very few kids at that school I could ever become close friends with, and I've always wondered what happened to him, and if he remembers me.

If anyone out there knows a Howie or Howard that lived in Pasadena as a child and went to Frances Willard Elementary there, please let me know. If possible, I would like to contact him, basically to say hello and wish him well. He was and remains one very bright spot in what was otherwise a grim time for me. Thanks in advance, Yael Dragwwyla


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