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From a letter to a friend who angrily declares, as the reason why she is promoting a boycott of Israel, that Israel should not defend itself against attacks by Palestine, but take the "high road" of just taking it and takng it and taking it:

One thing I wanted to clear up – you wouldn't let me finish what I had to say the other day about Israel, so I'll do it here.

I said that rape is rare in Israel, whereas it's widespread in all Muslim countries. You said that that was because Israeli women are “warriors.” No, it isn't. It's because whereas rape is highly illegal in Israel, cases of it prosecuted to the fullest there, in Muslim countires the very worst that men who rape experience is a light slap on the wrist, say, an admonishment not to do it again, and release again to the streets, while the women who are raped and dare to report it are prosecuted for “sexual immortality,” and either imprisoned for a long time, or stoned to death. In short, functionally speaking, rape is not illegal in Muslim countries, whereas being a rape victim is, and is treated as a severe crime.

In most Muslim countries honor killings happen all the time. These are killings “to restore the honor of the family” when one of its female members is raped. The girl or woman who is raped is killed by family members, and it is often a family member, a father or brother or uncle or cousin, who does the raping. In fact, there have been cases in which a mother, jealous of a young daughter's beauty and youth, has sicced her sons on her daughter, who may be as young as 8 years old, then killed the daughter to “avenge the loss of honor.” And in most Muslim countries, nothing is done about it. The well-being of the family is of paramount importance, not justice as we understand it. But honor killings never happen in Israel, and if they did, the perpetrators would be punished to the full extent of the law.

Further, in Muslim countries, clitoridectomies are performed on girls all the time, sometimes at puberty, but often in infancy. Sometimes it is done by sterile modern surgery, sometimes in the bush, an old woman carving out the clitoris and labia of the girl with pieces of a broken Coke botrtle (which an anthropologist friend of mine once observed in Africa; very much for real, very septic, and very cruel, with no aneshhetic at all). When it is done under septic conditions, horrific infections can result that can sterilize the girl for life, or kill her. Often the vagina is “tightened” by sewing, which makes sex more pleausrable for the man, but extraordinarily painful for the girl/woman. The girl has no choice in the matter; it is done with or without her consent, done by main force if necessary (though those who have it done via modern surgery are usually anesthetized for the procedure). The reason is that the ability of a woman to give herself sexual pleasure, or to be pleasured sexually by another woman, is considered an abomination by many Muslims, especially Muslim men; the pleasure of sex is supposed to be theirs and theirs alone. Lexbians, like gay men and bisexuals and transexuals, are summarily executed, the women being stoned to death or burned alive, the men having their anuses sewed shut and then force-fed huge doses of laxatives until their lower bowels literally explode, leaving them to die in agony (this actually happened recently in Iraq). Such things do not happen in Israel – they are considredd to be highlyh illegal, punishable by law, and the penalties are high, even capital offenses in the case of murder of GLBT individuals. Once the Torah prescribed stoning to death for gay men, but now they are simply not permitted to be members of a synagogue or temple, nothing else.

As for jihad, the idea is to conquer the world by whatever means is necessary. In many cases it is done by rape of women and girls, who then become part of the Jihadi's “harem,” and the killing of all boys and grown men. In other cases individual members of a community are singled out for horrific tortures, maiming, and other cruelties, and then beheadedm, the idea being to terrorize the remaining populace into converting to Islam to avoid such a fate. All of which, along with rape and other horrors, are prescribed by the Koran. Jews do niot do such things. When attacked, they'll fight back, but they do not practice jihad, nor do they start things.

Islamic law, or Sharia, supports all such horrors and more. It mandates slavery as an inalienable part of Islam. In Arabic, the word for slave is “black (African).” Ironically, many black Americans have become Muslims, but in traditional Islamic societies blacks are despised and considered slaves. Out-of-stste workers from elsewhere, such as India, are treated like slaves and worked to the bone. Escaping workers have told numerous horror-stories about the way they were treated, and swear never to return to Sauddi Arabia or other Islamic country. We've had cases in this country of Muslim families taking in illegal immigrants, promising them living wages and full rights, then treating them as chattel slaves, with no rights at all and no wages – only by escaping and reporting it to INS were these poor people able to get out from under such treatment. This doesn't happen in Israel, which is ruled by well-enforced laws.

And then there's self-defense. You said that the Israelis “should have taken the high road” rather than defend themselves against aattacks by Palestinians. Oh, really? What “high road”? There is no “high road,” just extinction vs. life. When you become extinct, people laugh at you – then forget you utterly. Nothing of you of any worth survives. Just ask the dinosaurs, and the Paleozoic proto-mammals. Ask a whole lot of Native American nations that don't exist any more, because the US Army wanted to exterminate them, and they were outgunned, outmanned, and out-diseased by European settlers and their armies. Ask the dodo, and the passenger pigeon, and all the others who have done into the dark, never to return, many at the hands of human beings, many of them human themselves.

If you think that the Palestinians or other Muslims can be talked out of trying to murder every single Jew alive, including all the Jews of Israel, forget it. Mohammed ordered all his followers to murder all the Jews – it's right there in the Koran. It is considered a religious duty by devout Muslims, who want to murder every Jewish man, woman, and child, and are stopped only by a superior show of arms.

As for “taking the high road” when it comes to rapists, that's equally futile. All that happens is that you end up bearing the child of the rapist and made his sexual slave, or you become his domestic slave, or you are killed in one or another creative way for being “difficult.” In that situation there is no high road – you become an owned thing, chattel, no more considered a person with rights of any kind than beef cattle or pigs raised for their meat.

As for rape by non-Muslim men, “taking the high road” isn't in it at all – you are overpowered, you don't have the ability to consent or negotiate. Not doing what you can to prevent it just teaches the rapist that he can and should get away with it over and over and over, even the rape of children. Not reporting rape does the same thing. You either fight back or you encourage the monster to go on being monstrous, because the monster is a sociopath, devoid of conscience, a malignant narcissist who thinks he has the right to do anything he wants to anyone as long as it seems as if he can get away with it.

And if you won't fight to defend others when they need it, particularly children, you are letting the evil go on and on and on. “Evil happens when good men do nothing.” In the 1930s Neville Chamberline went to Berlin to treat with Hitler, declaring “Peace in our time.” Then Germany went to war against Poland, then France and Great Britain, and would have ended up splitting hegemony over the whole world with Japan had the Allies not fought back. Native Aftricans would have been exterminated down to the very lasts one. White peoples would have been enslaved. The world would have been devastated. Had the Allies not gone to war to defend the West and its civilization and its peoples, necessarily acting to protect Africa and India and other areas not overrun by the Germans or the Japanese, we wouldn't be having this conversation. Freedom would have died for good in the world, which thereafter would have been ruled by absolute despots with no concern for the well-being of “non-Aryan” people or even whites not subscribing to the conquerors' beliefs and practices.

All along, Israel has worked to protect itself against those who want to make her extinct. She has suppported nations and peoples fighting tyranny, contributed tremendous scientific advances to the world, including medical ones as well as in a host of other fields, worked to provide not only for her own people but for those in need around the world. She has given and given and given – and she gets slapped in the face for it, harassed and persecuted for daring to defend herself against a relentless enemy that won't stop until it can push her into the sea, for doing what anyone with a brain and a heart would do in the same circumstances. Which is rank injustice. Evil has wormed its way into the heart of the world, and you can see it in the way Israel is regarded and treated. It's wrong, and not all the talk in the world will ever make it right. Israel is ruled by law; the law her enemies are ruled by, Shariah, is nothing truly civilized people would ever consider.

So that's what I have to say about Israel.


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Dec. 25th, 2013 12:57 pm (UTC)
Well said. Israel as a nation practices the same policy I do as an individual: I do not throw the first blow, but I make no promises about allowing it to land - and I say nothing about who will or will not launch further attacks. In point of fact, I will do my very best to ensure that they're all mine. I note that in both cases, it's a policy which has worked more than reasonably well.

As for your friend, I additionally observe that one of two cases must apply.

In the first case, she regards Israelis as "less" than herself, and thus not truly deserving of certain rights (in this case, obviously including the right of self-defense). If this is the obtaining presumption, then she's in the moral/ethical position of, at best, the Imperial British (proponents of the "White Man's Burden" and other policies which imply that all non-whites and non-men are defective reflections of white men), and at worst, every slave-holder, rapist, and murderer in history.

In the second case, she honestly believes that no human being does have a right to self-defense... which would mean that, logically, she is a victim and a slave in search of an abuser and a master. For the archetype of this in fiction, think Catherine Halsey from The Fountainhead. And lest any protest that this is not realistically possible - "no one would really think or act that way!" - I would say that one tour of an abused women's shelter could correct that misapprehension.
Dec. 26th, 2013 12:08 am (UTC)
My friend is an example of the second case, believing that no one has a right to effective self-defense or defense of others. I agree about the women's shelters -- I don't think she's ever visited any. Nor, until she gets my letter, does she know what women in the Middle East, save for Israelis, suffer simply for being a woman. I don't know who the hell sold her that bill of goods, but whoever it was should be boiled in oil (and not allowed to scream during the process, either). She really doesn't realize that when an aggressor attacks you, the least likely way to handle the situation is to talk about it -- consider England's Prime Minister Neville Chamberline, and just how much "peace in our time" was worth. She's highly intelligent, with a college degree, born in 1959, so she should know these things, and have a good apprehension of history, but she doesn't. I fear for her. I really do. She'd be a perfect target of the "Knock-Out Game." She's aging, in bad health, and I fear for her. I'm trying to get through to her about the reality of the subject, but I'm afraid all I'll do is make her angry at me. This is the worst sort of denial, a sort of preparation for suicide-by-predators, and so far I've batted .000 as far as showing her that this horrible idea of hers is not worth having. {sigh}
Dec. 26th, 2013 06:34 am (UTC)
I have said it before, I will say it again... You can't save them all. In all honesty, you can't save any of them; they must save themselves, if they are to saved at all.

I've had this argument before, with people possessed of this delusion. It is not winnable. As I see it, there are only two honest approaches: either you must write them out of your life because the differences are irreconcilable, or need to resign yourself to the fact that your friend suffers from a terminal condition, one which is quite likely to end up killing her. If you can accept that, then you can still remain her friend, but on the understanding that there are some aspects of her life which she will not allow you to help her with, in consequence of which that life is probably going to be shorter than it would otherwise have been. That is her choice, and no one has the right to interfere.

Not even if you know better.

Because what you know doesn't matter. Not in this case.

And who knows. If you decide to write her off, and she notices (and notices why), it is even remotely possible that she might rethink things enough to realize that there is a fundamental disconnect somewhere. It's not very likely, but I have seen it happen. Once. I can't recommend it as an argument-winning tactic - it's more of a last-ditch, desperation, "Hail-Mary" option - but the realization that you feel that strongly about the issue might get through to her and could possibly cause her to consider that she might be not-right.

As I said, don't count on it. The "special snowflake" children never believe that they can possibly be wrong - it violates one of the fundamental assumptions of their worldview. It's too long a shot to be relied upon. But it is, just barely, within the realm of the possible.
Dec. 27th, 2013 01:01 am (UTC)
I know. You're absolutely right. I may not have to make that decision, however -- after getting this letter, she may never speak to me again. Which would be heartbreaking. She really has been an outstanding friend, save for this one issue. But que sara, sara.
Dec. 26th, 2013 08:43 am (UTC)
Well said! Sometimes, one has to fight, and one does have to defend oneself. The Palestinian Arabs have never appeared to accept Israel and have always had the agenda of destroying her. In fact, the entire Arab world appears to be behind them in this, and especially the Islamic world, which is the vast majority. You really summed it all up well and the atrocities and misogyny that Islam in that region can and does doles out to believers.
Dec. 27th, 2013 12:56 am (UTC)
I worry about my friend. She's no longer young, and has serious health problems -- she'd be the perfect target for a Knockout Game attack. Her idea that self-defense is immoral, which she defends so extraordinarily that she seems to be in an extreme state of denial, suggests a form of mental illness. And her idea also supports evil done in the world, e.g., evil done to children, to women, and all other innocent victims of unprovoked aggression. I hope my letter wakes her up, for her own sake as well as anyone else's, but the likelihood is that not only will it not, but she'll probably never speak to me again. How do you break through that kind of denial?
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