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Please help me with GoFundMe.com!

I need to set up two GoFundMe.com accounts, but there are problems with that which I don't know how to get around.

First, I don't have a mobile phone -- which means I can't receive texts. I do have a landline phone, but GoFundMe.com can only send texts to prospective members. So I can't get any money out of my GoFundMe account. They insist they can only send texts, so I can't access my money.

Second, I have a friend who desperately needs money. Her husband just died, her electricity is about to be cut off, and she is in otherwise dire straits financially. How can I set up a GoFundMe account for her?

I need help with this. I'm not young anymore, and I need somebody to help me walk through the process of rescuing my own account (which I have with them, though I can't access it) and setting up an account for my friend, who is also not young, is paralyzed, and is otherwise severely handicapped. Currently she needs about $20,000, while I need about the same amount to get mostly out of debt (I'm deep in a hole, financially, just as she is). Can anyone out there help me with this? If so, please email me at polaris93@aol.com, and put "Help with GoFundMe" in the subject line. I will be forever grateful if you could help me with this.

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