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I learned something very important last
Thursday, December 31, 2015:

A couple of years ago I bought a six-bar (a bar with six electrical outlets in it that you plug into the wall, and that also serves as a surge protector). I got it home and plugged it into the wall; since its cord was next to the switch that turns it on and off, by having the cord and plug take the shortest distance to plug into the wall, this meant that its on/off switch was also close to the wall. I didn't even notice the fact that the switch and the cord were so close to the wall; I just put up with having to reach over the length of the six-bar to turn it on and off, although I really didn't like doing that.

But last Thursday I had one of those moments in which I got sick to death of all those cords in a tangle next to my desk. I straightened them all out, then plugged them back into whatever sockets they could reach without tangling.

In the process, I put the six-bat back with the end with the on/off switch toward me. I've had no trouble turning it on and off ever since.

The moral of this story? Don't try driving your car from the back seat, with you facing the back of your car. It makes everything squishier. ;-)

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